Enlist in photography boot camp

IMG_2828A new boot camp to hone specialised skills in particular realms of photography has been developed for passionate photographers. Following the success of educator Bring Your Own Laptop's initial Intro Photography course, a series of workshops has now been developed under the Bring Your Own Camera umbrella.

With four one-day courses available, including Intro Photography, Night Photography, Street/Travel Photography, and Landscape Photography. These can be taken individually as one-day courses or you can be a part of all of them to create a full four-day photography course.

The Photography Boot Camp comes about due to the increasing demand of amateur photographers wanting to undertake courses to enhance their skills.

The training company is Auckland- and Wellington-based, and director Daniel Walter Scott initially underestimated the passion New Zealand amateur photographers had for their art.

“I’ve been impressed by the community that has developed amongst our photography delegates. Our photographers want nothing more than to be on their journey together with their fellow learners — they want community as much as they want new skills.”

To encourage this community feel that he acknowledges photgraphers desire, a social media space has been created that is dedicated to photography. Free email support is also available for course participants for six months after the course is completed.

You can find more details on the series of workshops and pricing by visiting bringyourownlaptop.co.nz.

Learn to love Lightroom


Adobe's Lightroom is a deceptively complex tool and getting to grips can be a frustrating exercise in information bombardment, but a new series of workshops has been developed to ensure photographers can now learn the exact set of skills they need for a chosen creative path, in an easy to digest format.

The reformatted and relaunched post-processing series  comes from photography educator Paul Petch & Co. The teaching is overseen by commercial photographer (and regular D-Photo contributor) Paul Petch, who has more than a decade's worth of experience to share, working with such companies and clients as Tourism New Zealand, Emirates, and John Key.

Instead of a full day of cramming as much Lightroom knowledge into your head as possible (like most workshops), with not a lot sticking, this series of three-hour monthly sessions has been developed to ensure you learn the most useful aspects of the program as efficiently as possible. You can learn what you want.

The beginner's “Taking control of your images” workshop will teach you about setting up folders, basic post processing, and backing up images is set at $149, and once you've mastered those tools you can dive deeper into the pool of knowledge to the in-depth workshop series.

These in-depth workshops cost $199 and will guide you through post-processing for action sports, portraits, weddings, and landscapes. No matter what sort of photographer or creative you are, there will be a technique taught that will relate to your passion.

Then there's the advanced series of Lightroom and Photoshop workshops for pros and aspiring professionals, teaching image licensing, working out client delivery and increasing workflow — you can be a part of these for $299.

These workshops are all about giving you the chance to define and create your own processes to form result that are unique to your style of creativity.

The workshops also include a bonus video overview of what you've been taught, so you'll be able to review your new set of skills at any time.

If you're interested in booking in for these workshops, head to paulpetch.co.nz to find out how.