New Zealand's top photojournalim shots

The New Zealand National Photojournalism Competition, run by the New Brighton Photography Club, annually seeks out the best photojournalism shots from photo enthusiasts throughout the country. D-Photo is proud to present the winning images of the 23rd National Photojournalism Competition:

Champion image 2014:

D_01_Grassroots Determination_Jo McCarthy

Jo McCarthy, Grassroots determination (also Digital category first place)

Print category

First place:

P_01_David Ferrer_Liz Hardley FPSNZ AFIAP LRPS

Liz Hardley, David Ferrer


Second place:

P_02_The Chase Pack_Liz Hardley FPSNZ AFIAP LRPS

Liz Hardley, The Chase Pack


Third place:

P_03_We're Going To Be On TV!!_Jo McCarthy

Jo McCarthy, We're going to be on TV



P_Hon_Backhand Control_Liz Hardley FPSNZ AFIAP LRPS

Liz Hardley, Backhand control


P_Hon_Life on the Line_Alistair Phillips APSNZ

Alistair Phillips, Life on the line


P_Hon_One afternoon in Queen Street_Liz Hardley FPSNZ AFIAP LRPS

Liz Hardley, One afternoon on Queen Street


Digital category

Third place:

D_03_Bring em down cowboy_Jenny Atkins

Jenny Atkins, Bring 'em down



D_Hon_Classic Ana_Jo McCarthy

Jo McCarthy, Classic Ana


D_Hon_Come ON!_Newell Grenfell HonPSNZ FPSNZ FNPSNZ

Newell Grenfell, Come on!


D_Hon_Dragon Dance_Jianhuai Chen

Jianhuai Chen, Dragon Dance


D_Hon_Flag It_Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips, Flag it


D_Hon_Making a break to the winning post_Pauline Smith

Pauline Smith, Making a break to the winning post


D_Hon_Neatly balanced_Carolyn Elcock

Carolyn Elcock, Neatly balanced


D_Hon_On a Wing and a Prayer_Colin Holloway

Colin Holloway, On a wing and a prayer


D_Hon_Ouch That Fence Is Nearer_Anne Lambe

Anne Lambe, Ouch


D_Hon_Race to the line_Liz Hardley FPSNZ AFIAP LRPS

Liz Hardley, Race to the line


Sidecar Racing

Ron Willems, Red rules


D_Hon_Rough Ride_Shona Kebble APSNZ

Shona Kebble, Rough ride


D_Hon_Speedway Scramble_Ron McKie FPSNZ AAPS AFIAP ARPS

Ron McKie, Speedway scramble


D_Hon_Stock Sale_Helen Oliver

Helen Oliver, Stock sale


D_Hon_Stop the bull_Jenny Atkins

Jenny Atkins, Stop the bull!


D_Hon_There He Goes_Anne Lambe

Anne Lambe, There he goes


D_Hon_Unexpected Outcome_Georgie McKie FPSNZ AAPS AFIAP

Georgie McKie, Unexpected outcome

If you're interested in entering the 2015 National Photojournalism Competition be sure to keep tabs on the New Brighton Photography Club website.

Kiwi winners in Photography Masters Cup

This year eight local photographers have achieved winning spots at the biggest international awards programme for colour photography. The annual Photography Masters Cup is now in its seventh year, and the following images from New Zealand are part of the 2014 winners showcase.


Jeremy Senior - Kotanui Island

Jeremy Senior - Kotanui Island, Merit of Excellence in amateur Nature category

Terry Wreford Hann - NZ Crayfish

Terry Wreford Hann - New Zealand Crayfish,  Honourable Mention in professional Food category

Tracey Robinson - His Master's Voice

Tracey Robinson - His Master's Voice, Honourable Mention in professional Fine Art category

Jan Maree Vodanovich - Kaimanawa Wild Horses

Jan Maree Vodanovich - Kaimanawa Wild Horses, Honourable Mention in professional Aerial category

Evan McBride - Australasian Gannets

Evan McBride - Australasian Gannets, Honourable Mention in amateur Nature category

Sally Phillips - The Beast in Me

Sally Phillips - The Beast in Me, Honourable Mention in amateur Nature category

Liz Hardley - Into the Light

Liz Hardley - Into the Light, Honourable Mention in amateur Silhouette category

Karen Lawton - Escape

Karen Lawton - Escape, Honourable Mention in amateur Architecture category


Congratulations to this year's successful photographers; the competition's full range of winners can be viewed at the Photography Masters Cup website.