D-Photo 64 out now

The first issue of D-Photo for 2015 is available in stores this week, and it's packed with tons of inspiration and instruction to help you make the most of the beautiful summer days we find ourselves in the midst of.

Here's a peek at what you'll find beyond the cover:

Perfect moment: landscape legend Andris Apse talks about his latest work shooting the resplendent South Island and the way in which his exceptional upbringing has informed his visual style.


Andris Apse

Nature's masterpiece: join travel and wildlife photographer Karim Sahai as he embarks on a voyage to shoot the icy landscapes of the Arctic and capture one of nature's most dazzling phenomena; the Northern Lights.

Tragic glamour: art photographer Yvonne Todd discusses the largest exhibition of her career and the influences that have shaped her distinctive, unnerving approach to studio portraiture.

The future of photography: we find ourselves in a time of undeniable upheaval and evolution for the art, production, consumption and business of photography – take a look at where today's trends may be leading us.

Stefan Simons

Stefan Simons

Rising stars shine bright: get a look at work from Aotearoa's top young photographers as judged by the latest edition of the Canon EYEcon awards.

Mama Africa: International travel photographer Chris McLennan shares stunning imagery created in one of his 'photographic happy places', Africa.

Landscapes on the go: local legend Jackie Ranken discusses techniques for creating landscape images from moving platforms, such as planes, trains, and automobiles.

Jackie Janken

Jackie Ranken

Reach for the sky: look at walking the fine line of HDR use to beat tricky lighting on location with Andy Belcher.

When you go pro – part one: If you've ever wanted to make money from your photography you're going to want to check out Paul Petch's tips to consider before making your move.

Anatomy of a portrait: decode a portrait set-up, light by light, with studio wizard Luke White.

Anton Maurer

Anton Maurer

Still waters: Mareea Vegas speaks with emerging photographer Anton Maurer about slowing down to shoot and putting real thought into landscape images.

Landscape quick fixes: Mead Norton gives handy answers to common landscape photography problems, as submitted by our readers.

DAM your photo collection: digital imaging guru looks at the unglamorous but very important arena of digital asset management.

Head to your local newsagent for all that and more, or pick up your copy online here.

D-Photo 63 out Monday

Cover 63
Time to get in that summer state of mind; the final issue of D-Photo for the year hits shelves on Monday and it's packed with stunning imagery and helpful tips for shooting in the summertime, capturing candid holiday moments, perfecting your family photography, and all the best photo gifts for the Christmas stockings.

Here's a taste of what's on offer this issue:

D-Photo Christmas Gift Guide: the best photography gifts for all budgets, from cameras and accessories to Christmas card printing and workshop vouchers.

Richard wood

Richard Wood

Portrait of a champion: portrait artist Richard Wood tells us how keeping the creative wheels spinning helps overcome the daily grind and produce award-winning images.

Meet the scholars: take a look at fresh work from 11 of New Zealand’s most promising up-and-comers.

Craig Levers

Craig Levers

Summer photography: sun-loving photographers Craig Levers, Tessa Chrisp and Stephen Robinson share their unique approaches to capturing a Kiwi summer.

Authentic family photos: top family photographers Holly Spring, Karyn Worthington and Anna Munro teach us to get warm, creative shots of the whānau, be they formal portraits or casual family gatherings.

Karyn Worthington

Karyn Worthington

Arctic adventure: travel photographer Chris McLennan crosses another location off his to-do list as he turns his lens on the Arctic’s polar bears.

Shoot your Christmas cards: local legend Jackie Ranken busts out the family album to look at different approaches to holiday portraits.

Tropical traipsing: Andy Belcher cranks out one of Nikon’s latest goodies in beautiful Niue

Paul Petch

Paul Petch

Good with children: Paul Petch looks at eight simple tips to get your head in the zone when tackling the boundless energy of youth on a shoot.

Ring flash basics: Luke White explains the many and varied uses of a ring flash, from distinctive portraits to macro work.

Generation why: Mareea Vegas talks to emerging photographer Fraser Chatham about the new breed of 'hybrid photographers'.

Fraser Chatham

Fraser Chatham

Better group shots: Mead Norton solves readers’ common problems with the family portraits.

Sketchy: Hans Weichselbaum walks us through the digital editing process of transforming a photo to a pencil sketch

Head to your local newsagent come Monday for all that and much more in D-Photo 63, or pick up a copy online here.

Top travel shooters named

Site Artwork An annual competition aimed at finding the best travel photographers across the globe has named its champions for another year.

The international Travel Photography Awards, established by veteran New Zealand travel photographer and D-Photo contributor, Chris McLennan, has revealed the winning travel photographers in both amateur and professional categories for 2014.

Now in its second year, the competition gives travel photographers of all levels the chance to compete for a range of exciting prizes, valued at over $24,000, including a seven-night photo trip to French Polynesia with McLennan, a Nikon Df DSLR, and gear from Lowepro, Lexar, HP and AquaTech.

D-Photo is proud to present a gallery of this year's winning portfolios, along with the champions of the individual People's Choice and Chris McLennan Rookie awards.

Professional category

First place: Lluís Salvadó (Spain), Faces of Holi

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_1

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_2

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_3

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_4

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_5

Second place: Malcolm Fackender (Australia), Novices of Myanmar

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_1

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_2

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_3

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_4

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_5

Third place: Jason Law (New Zealand), A Journey Through Middle Earth

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_1

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_2

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_3

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_4

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_5

Amateur category

First place: Sesh Sareday (US),  My Luminous Diary – Myanmar

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_1

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_2

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_3

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_4

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_5

Second place: Clint Burkinshaw (Australia), Citizens of Earth

Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_1

Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_2


Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_3


Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_4

Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_5

Third place: John Moulds (Australia), The Children...

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_1

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_2

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_3

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_4

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_5


HP People's Choice Award

Adam Duffy (Australia),  Magical Moorea Tahiti

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_1

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_2

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_3

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_4

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_5


Chris McLennan Rookie Award

Alexandre Suplicy (Brazil), Unique Namibia

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_1

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_2

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_3
Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_4

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_5


Congratulations to this year's winners; if you're interested in entering the 2015 round of the Travel Photography Awards be sure to visit the website and sign up for an email alert when submissions open – or stay tuned to D-Photo, as we'll let you know when the call is out.

D-Photo no. 58 out Monday

DP58Our clever subscribers can begin checking their mailboxes from tomorrow, but everyone else should run down to the local news agent because D-Photo no. 58 hits the shelves on Monday. This issue we talk to portrait artist extraordinaire, Esther Bunning, about her magical Tales of Whimsy images that turn childhood dreams into photographic reality.

We also feature work from American master William Eggleston alongside New Zealand great Lawrence Aberhart, looking at a new exhibition exploring their contributions to the poetry of everyday life.

Travel photographer Josh Donnelly takes us on a photo tour of Myanmar and we look at Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani's arresting new project with a creative look at dogs and their owners.

You will also find an exclusive feature on the fresh, challenging work from New Zealand's best young photographers in the Canon EYEcon awards, and learn how not to bore your friends to death with dull GoPro footage in Mead Norton's action video tutorial.

Our beloved regulars also offer up some inspiring insights, including Chris McLennan's tour of New Zealand's best kept landscape secretes, Jackie Ranken's use of double exposure in travel photography, Andy Belcher's heart-pounding rafting photography.

Plus our resident experts are on hand to help you master light, with Paul Petch looking at the fundamentals of location portraiture and Luke White laying down the many studio options available with a single light.

And our tech-head reviewers put Sony's full-frame mirrorless A7, Panasonic's tiny Lumix GM1, Canon's impressive L-series 200-400mm zoom lens and Olympus's stylish OM-D E-M1 through their paces.

If you are keen to grab the new issue online you can do so here, or you can subscribe (or re-subscribe) and go in the draw to win one of two GoPro Hero3+ cameras – we've got a Black Edition worth $599 and a Silver Edition worth $479 to be won!