Opening the Sky: a gallery of Larry Fink's work


Larry Fink

With his usual background being in documenting the United States social scene, professional photographer Larry Fink showcases his work from the 1980s where he spent time documenting the pillaging of the Olympic Peninsula Forest in western Washington, USA. This never-before-seen work by Fink, who has a photographic history of 45 years, has been collated and turned into a book published by London-based publisher Stanley Barker. The book, titled Opening the Sky, will allow the world to see into Fink's experiences while following and photographing the journey of the loggers.

Of this series of work, Fink says, “This trip from 1980 was a wonderful group of pictures that I shot with a great deal of romantic identification fixed upon the hard-working men ... so  as it was, it was a great tradition, one which in fact built America. But not unlike America, its lust for territory was imperialist. With no particular perception of the eco moral consequences that may come after. Indeed, such is the case. So when I see the pictures today I'm astounded at the carnage of the hills and the defoliation of the land. In 1980 I saw it as well  but I cared not to care — I joined the men in my cavalier relationship to the destiny of the forest. No longer, we all know better, the future depends on a frugal present.”

Below, we have compiled a gallery of a selection of the images featured in Opening the Sky — you'll want to add this book to your collection, not only for the beautiful photographs, but for the story told and the messages to take away.