Get rugged up: less than two weeks until Infocus Queenstown 2015


There are already more than 180 people, with the D-Photo team amongst them, preparing to pack their winter woollies and venture to the frosty Queenstown for the annual NZIPP Infocus conference, being held over August 9–10. But don't fret, if you haven't registered to attend, you've still got time to get your details in. The two-day conference, with day three on Tuesday, August 11 being a masterclass day, is to be held at Rydges Lakeland Resort and will host a vast array of speakers, both local and international, who will discuss everything from managing a photography business, budgeting, mixed lighting, and plenty more.

Day one sees Corwin Hiebert, who will have travelled from Canada to Queenstown, hosts his first of two presentations and a master class covering managing and marketing your photography business, and will help photographers with the creation of their business action plans during his master class.

Jackie Ranken

Alexia Sinclai

Queenstown's Jackie Ranken will discuss the art of travel photography, outlining her journeys from Tibet to Antarctica and Australia's Alexia Sinclair will focus on capturing extraordinary images on a shoestring budget.

Tony Carter

Over a period of a year, Tony Carter visited Ōhura 30 times taking photos resulting in his series Another World: Portraits from Ōhura, which he will discuss with the Infocus audience.

Paul Alsop

Also during the afternoon of day one, Paul Alsop will talk about the contemporary use of wet-plate collodion in New Zealand, Lucy Spartalis will provide a framework for modern wedding photographers, and Leon Rose will talk mixed lighting, which will extend into an evening workshop at a local bar.

Kristen Cook

Heading into day two Kristen Cook will discuss how important your subject matter is and how your image evokes feeling when it comes to  baby photography.

Jason Naylor

Being prepared in order to meet client demands is the focus of Jason Naylor's presentation where he'll explain the paradox of wedding photography businesses existing to please clients while the photographer also strives to carry out creative visions.

Corwin Hiebert will be back with his second presentation about managing a photography business, which brings the morning sessions to a close.

Robert Piccoli

In the afternoon Robert Piccoli will venture into the elements of posing your subjects and will break this down into photographing women, photographing men, and photographing groups. Later on in the day he will also discuss the psychology behind offering products as a professional photographer, which will cover how products differentiate professional photographers, how better customer experience can be achieved (and greater revenue), amongst plenty more wise tips.

Nick Tresidder

Nick Tressider will also hold two sessions with his first talking about the essential elements of paperwork — right down to copyright, licensing, and how to quote. In his second session he'll discuss light, blending exposures, controlling highlights, shooting for Photoshop, and plenty more tips and skills you don't want to miss.

Infocus attendees will be able to make the most of The Hub area, which is where the event’s speakers will be based. This is an area to bring up any burning questions that could be answered by the experts. Once queries have been answered, the Gear n Action industry exhibition will give attendees a chance to pick up and try out all of the gear that exhibitors bring along to showcase. Finally, everyone is welcome to head along to see the Iris Awards judging in action, which will be held over August 6–8.

If you’re yet to register, it’s not too late — head to to get your details submitted.