Discounted rate for Paul Petch's one-on-one tuition

photogrpahy-tuition-with-Paul-Petch If you're after some one-on-one tuition from an Auckland-based commercial photographer with more than a decade of experience, then Paul Petch of Paul Petch & Co is the tutor to approach.

His tuition is tailored to your specific needs, from beginners to advanced photographers, and he'll make the time to meet and chat about what you're wanting to learn from his tuition prior to booking your session. From what you outline to Paul as your requirements, he'll make sure that everything is to a level and pace that is specific to what you need. 

Working alongside Paul you'll become privy to easy-to-remember skills that have taken years for him to develop and trust as a professional photographer. At the moment you can learn about any photography topic at a discounted rate. Instead of paying $150 per hour, you'll only have to pay $99 per hour for a minimum of two hours. To make the most of Paul's knowledge and experience, and this special discounted price, email Paul at to enquire now.

To see more of Paul's work, learn more about his background, or to book for tuition, click here.