2015 iPhone Photography Award winners announced


Michal Koralewski — first place, Photographer of the Year

With smartphone cameras producing an ever-increasing level of high-quality images, the eight annual iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA) saw an astounding calibre of imagery entered into its competition.

Thousands of entries were submitted  by photographers who used iPhones as their medium, sending in images from 120 countries across the globe.

The competition presents three Photographers of the Year awards, which this year were awarded to Michal Koralewski from Poland, David Craik of the United Kingdon, and Yvonne Lu of the United States.

Michal Koralewski says of  his winning image (seen above), “His face was the first thing I noticed, so expressive and beautiful in its own way. It was like an open book. You could almost read his life story from the wrinkles.”

David Craik — second place, Photographer of the Year

“After the first bird landed and I saw the shadow on the white wall behind it, I knew this was a great image to be captured. Now it was just a case of operating the iPhone properly and finding the best composition,” Craik says of his image.

Yvonne Lu — third place, Photographer of the Year

“The couple look like they don't need anything else in the world. I also found the romantic, vintage feel very entrancing. The two looked as if they could be coming back from a movie set,” Lu says of her image.

The competition featured 19 other categories, which recognized 57 photographers from countries including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, Portugal, Egypt, Germany, amongst many more.

IPPA creator Kenan Aktulun says, “This year's entries were especially impressive, ranging from initimate, thought-provoking moments to stunning, captivating imagery. We'd like to congratulate all of our winners who once again showed the ability of the iPhone to take astonishing photographs.”

Below we have gathered some of the winners from the 19 other categories — you can see more from IPPA over on their website, ippawards.com.