Crumpler Proper Roady 2.0 Camera Sling 2500

Founded by entrepreneurial Melbourne bike couriers in 1995, bag manufacturer Crumpler produce quality, functional, and style-focused bags no matter the occasion or the kit you need to carry there


Proper Roady 2.0 Camera Sling 2500

Roadworthy to say the least

If you’re the kind of person who takes a particular joy from the art of the pack, then you’ll no doubt gently thrill to Crumpler’s Proper Roady camera sling. Breathe a sigh of relief to note everything in its right place — with room for a system camera or semi-pro SLR with medium-size lens, accessories, and a 7.9-inch tablet. There’s adjustable padded dividers and strap, waterproof lining, and dust covers, and five colours to choose from. Another satisfyingly rugged, minimalist, and streetwise release from the company.

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