The Art of Birding

Judi Lapsley Miller is a photo artist and a wildlife conservation volunteer who uses her skills to create advocacy images. Aside from encouraging others to take action through her images, recently, she has also been encouraging others to create their own advocacy images.

Her website, The Art of Birding details weekly challenges that explore different techniques and ways in which you can get involved. Challenges include, “Habitat: take a photo that describes the habitat of a specific organism, i.e. its natural home or environment,” and “Landscape: a luscious landscape instantly transports the viewer. But there are technical things to consider, like which lens, aperture, and focal point to use. There's no one right decision, but whatever you choose to do, do so intentionally.”

Judi Lapsley Miller, Unchartered Waters

Judi Lapsley Miller, Unchartered Waters


Judi also featured in D-Photo 89 as one of our How To experts, sharing her best tips on how to take the most effective advocacy images. So get your hands on a copy, head to Judi’s website, and start challenging yourself! Aside from making a difference to a cause you feel strongly about, it’s also a great motivation to practise new skills and add to your portfolio.


See Judi’s How To in D-Photo in issue 89.