Progear photographers of 2018

Progear not only sell the goods and provide quality advice to photographers, but they’re also always keen to support them in other ways. In 2018, Progear’s Photographer of the Month online feature showcased ten different photographers, each with their own distinct aesthetic.

From photographers who started out as tradies to those with a university background, and subjects ranging from sports to music to food, the Progear Photographer of the Month helps to highlight the diversity of philosophies that can inform photographic practices, as well as providing valuable exposure to some awesome photographers.

Below we have a snapshot of these photographers, but click through to find an in-depth interview revealing the vision and context behind each photographer’s process, plus more of their images.

Hannah Peters
Hannah is a sports photographer who can list the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games as just a few of her career highlights. Hannah is also a staff photographer for the stock and editorial photo giant Getty Images. Click here to read more.

Dennis Radermacher
Dennis is a German national now based in Christchurch who shoots architecture, landscapes, and people being active outdoors. Dennis co-runs photography workshops and is a brand ambassador for Novoflex. Click here to read more.

Spid Pye
Spid is a self-taught photographer who mainly shoots portraits and fashion and considers networking as a major part of gaining success in photography as a career. Spid has a unique style, often creating work using composite techniques made up of various graphic elements. Click here to read more.

Duncan Innes
Duncan was a late starter, taking up photography in his thirties after teaching abroad. Duncan has enjoyed a career in various aspects of photography and insists that learning through assisting other photographers is an invaluable resource. Click here to read more.

Simon Wilson
Simon studied photography at university and began his career in advertising. Simon shoots architecture and interiors and is looking forward to the future tech and applications of the photographic industry, especially virtual reality. Click here to read more.

Kate Francis Battersby
Kate is a university-trained photographer specializing in food and lifestyle. Kate has shot and eaten her way through several cookbooks and swears by the philosophy that if doesn’t look right, maybe it's not. Click here to read more.

Vanessa Green
Vanessa is a fine art and documentary photographer shooting exclusively on film. A self-described observer and explorer, Vanessa describes her style as finding beauty in capturing passionate people expressing what they need to express. Click here to read more.

Mark Barber
Mark has had a multifaceted career in photography, beginning in the world of skateboarding and moving through both commercial and editorial positions. Mark explained that he used to sleep next to his Nikon F4 and believes that taking on personal work is key to development as a photographer. Click here to read more.

Abe Mora
Abe was working as a tradesman in Australia when he decided to exchange his trade tools for camera equipment and take up the craft full time. Abe’s photography is heavily informed by diversity and is based around portraiture and travel. Click here to read more.

Amanda Ratcliffe
Amanda is a scene and culture photographer, most notably in music, shooting a mix of live action as well as more intimate behind the scenes work. Amanda has shot a huge number of artists both local and international and explains that forming meaningful bonds with artists is key to getting the best shot. Click here to read more.


Visit the Progear website to see all of their showcased photographers.