On the Cover: Carly Anderson

The artist behind D-Photo 92’s striking cover is also its subject; photographer Carly Anderson took this self-portrait as part of her beautiful Whakahīhī exhibition.
Be sure to pick up the latest issue of D-Photo to read all about Carly’s photographic journey and the way her art has helped her connect more deeply with her own culture.

Whakahīhī (Pride).
Acknowledging our whakapapa (genealogy) and using these qualities to strengthen our identity and sense of belonging. To embrace our individuality and the inner beauty that makes us all unique.
Whakahīhī artist statement:
Ko Te Arawa te waka, Ko Rangiuru te maunga, Ko Kaituna te awa, Ko Tapuika te Iwi, Ko Makahae te marae, Ko Carly Anderson (Poi) ahau.
Whakahīhī has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, a collection of photos that showcase the beauty of Māori, manaakitanga (support, respect), kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and whanaungatanga (relationships, connections). The intention of this collection was to strengthen our connections, embrace our whakapapa and share the valuable knowledge of our tikanga. I wanted people to admire the beauty within Maori, to relate and connect with the message behind each piece and invoke conversations between all walks of life. To encourage the continuation of learning as well as knowledge sharing, to inspire people to embrace everything about their individuality and to instill pride, identity and cultural empowerment in today’s generation to ensure our tikanga continues.
Something magical happens when culture and art collide.