Guy Needham's latest series set to exhibit early May

Auckland-based Guy Needham’s project to document remote tribes has spanned continents and many years. His aim is to bring the culture and stories of these people to modern eyes. On his most recent trip, he visited the Hadzabe people of Tanzania, who are described as the closest living relatives of the humans that first emigrated from Africa.

Guy’s photographs are internationally renowned; his earlier series of the Huli of Papua New Guinea, Final Touches, will appear as part of the Postcard Salon in Berlin’s Jarvis Dooney gallery in March. Later this year, New Zealanders will be treated to an exhibition of his images of the Hadzabe of Tanzania at Grey gallery, running 28 May until 8 June.

Check out D-Photo issue 88 for a preview of his captivating portraits and our interview with Guy where we find out about his travels, getting to know the locals, and what these cultures can teach modern society.

The Hadzabe Smoker  from  The Hadzabe of Tanzania  series

The Hadzabe Smoker from The Hadzabe of Tanzania series