High Performance Resin Cases

There’s a new range of ingenious high performance resin cases from respected Italian manufacturer HPRC offering carry-on versatility and peace of mind.

HPRC 3500 Backpack
Affording photographic freedom

The 3500 is an injection-molded backpack of Batsuit specifications. Crushproof, air- and watertight, this is a camera case built for active professionals, and rugged tours of duty. Support for critical areas, such as the shoulder blades and lumbar region, is slightly thicker than the average backpack, providing a significantly more ergonomic experience. When combined with optional bespoke foam kits and divider kits, the backpack boasts a versatility that doesn’t compromise assurance. The 3500 frees up a photographer to spontaneously go off-road, whether that’s covering sports, an adventure travel assignment, or the unpredictable demands of commercial photography.

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HPRC 3500.jpg