Wacom The Next Level exhibition

More than 40 artists were chosen from Wacom’s The Next Level competition to have their artwork displayed at exhibitions across Auckland, Melbourne, and Sydney from October–December 2017.

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Alongside the winners were renowned artists David Milan, Rik Oostenbroek, Dizzy Little Dotty, Merda, Gemma Correll, and Sha’an D’Anthes whose art creations also featured throughout the exhibition.

The competition attracted 1900 entries worldwide, an increase of 700 on the previous year. “Every year we are absolutely blown away by the calibre of entries The Next Level draws. This is the best part about our job; seeing the amazing work people are able to produce and knowing that we play some small part in that. There is nothing more inspiring to us here at Wacom and it helps to push us further as a company,” says Simon Marshall, Marketing Manager at Wacom ANZ.

The exhibitions treated more than 1000 people to a unique display of the winners’ artwork, with live art demonstrations from the likes of Dale Bigeni, Pablo Munoz, and Allan Wrath. Visitors had the opportunity to purchase artwork — with a total of 115 prints sold, with profits going to the individual artist, minus production costs.

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One of the renowned artists featured at the exhibitions was Sydney-based illustrator and
artist Bill Hope.

“Exhibiting with The Next Level allowed me to show my work alongside some of the best talent in the digital arts scene. Wacom consistently brings together artists committed to expanding the realms of what is possible in the medium, and it's an exciting cohort to be amongst,” says Bill.