Gear Necessities: Atmosphere Aerosol

Photographers have long lugged around fog machines, dabbled in pyrotechnics, and experimented with dry ice in pursuit of capturing streams of directional light in their images.

But with a new aerosol product brought into New Zealand for the first time, it’s never been easier to add a moody atmosphere to your shot. The easy-to-use product comes in an aerosol container, can be spritzed into your shot with little fuss and, being smaller than a typical 70–200mm lens, fits in any camera bag.

Simply shake the can well, spray it into a room or still area for at least 20 seconds, then capture your shot. The haze will linger for several moments, and you can respray as required. One eight-ounce can holds about as much as a can of hairspray, and will spray continuously for about five-and-a-half minutes, and in an environment with no wind or air flow it will hang around for hours.

It’s safe, non-toxic and clear. When sprayed, a small, non-harmful amount of gas propels the spray and quickly dissipates, leaving the haze in the air.

Check out, or find them on Instagram (@atmosanz), for examples of how Atmosphere Aerosol can enhance your images. You can also find Atmosphere Aerosol at Auckland Camera Centre.