Precise on paper: Epson’s SureColor range of printers

Offering high-quality inkjet printers with an array of professional features, Epson’s SureColor range are the go-to printers for photography enthusiasts

Epson SureColor P405

Setting a new standard in glossy printing, Epson’s powerful A3-plus printer offers incredible versatility so you can turn your travel photography into exhibition-grade prints — without having to outsource it to the local printer. Plus, it’s currently on special offer for $799 after cashback.*

Designed for photography enthusiasts and creatives who want to be able to produce high-quality prints larger than A4 at home, the Epson SureColor P405 prints photos up to 33cm wide and up to 112cm long via use of a roll paper feed — pair it with Epson’s Canvas SignatureWorthy Exhibition Matte 13-inch roll media. Just $69, it’s an affordable option for archival-quality printed panoramas.

With Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 pigment, the SureColor P405 delivers vibrant photos that are water-, smudge-, and fade-resistant, boasting vibrant true-to-life colours, as well as black-and-white prints with no colour casts. In addition, dedicated channels for both Matte and Photo Black inks ensure that darks remain rich. Epson’s Unique Gloss Optimizer chemistry results in a consistent output with smooth gradations and exhibition-quality prints.

Epson SureColor P600

P600_Front High_1.jpg

Epson’s SureColor P600 creates borderless prints and panoramas over 10 feet, allowing you to bring dramatic landscapes and sweeping vistas to life.

With the ability to produce exhibition-quality black-and-white prints and vivid colour prints with breathtaking blues and violets, the Epson SureColor SC-P600 is setting new benchmarks in at-home professional photographic printing. Bettering the already impeccable print quality of it’s precursor, the R3000, the SureColor P600 uses Epson’s UltraChrome HD Ink with Vivid Magenta ink set, which has nine separate cartridges: five with coloured ink and three black ones. Epson has also improved the black density the P600 delivers, describing it as “the best black density to date from a pigment printer”. Other advancements include a new print engine and new screening technology for more precise placement of ink droplets.

The P600 lets you print on a wider variety of media, and its touchscreen control panel makes changing settings and performing maintenance faster and easier than ever — plus, it’s currently only $1099 after cashback.*

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*Cashback is only via online redemption, and is valid for purchases made between September 1–October 31, 2017.