Our pick of prime portraits using Atmosphere Aerosol

Trying to create an atmospheric environment on location can be tricky: fog machines are large, heavy, and require a power source. Pyrotechnics are disruptive, sometimes dangerous, and aren’t suitable in many situations, while dry ice comes with its own safety considerations. This seems a lot to put up with for the simple aim of capturing streams of directional light in our images.

So, when we heard last year that Atmosphere Aerosol was being brought to New Zealand for the first time, it’s safe to say that we were pretty excited. Check out some of the portraits that photographers have captured with just a can of the stuff:

My favorite shot from last night's shoot. Lucy is fierce! I love it. #madewithmagmod #atmosphereaerosol

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Sunset shot of Lilly at a lake with Atmosphere Aerosol.

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#Throwback #Fall #Track #magmog #atmosphereaerosol #nophotoshop #mustache

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Atmosphere Aerosol can be spritzed into your shot with little fuss, and, being smaller

than a typical 70–200mm lens, it fits in any camera bag. It’s safe, non-toxic, and clear. When sprayed, a harmless amount of gas propels the spray and quickly dissipates,

leaving the haze in the air. One eight-ounce can holds about as much as a can of hairspray, and will spray continuously for about five-and-a-half minutes. The haze will linger for several moments, and, in an environment with limited air movement, it’ll hang around for hours.

To check out more examples of the product in action, check out Atmosphere Aerosol on Instagram, or visit atmosphereanz.co.nz.