A smorgasbord of Three Little Wishes workshops. Which will you choose?

You’ve no doubt heard of Three Little Wishes’ workshops and how they offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced photography courses. Well, now you can select from a large range of specialty workshops to really hone in on the type of photography you want to specialize in. Due to the demand for one-day comprehensive help in certain photographic areas, the following workshops have been designed to really target specific interests and help students improve in their chosen fields. All of the workshops offer Canon cameras and lenses to experiment with, free of charge.

Real Estate Photo Workshop

If you’re already working within the realms of real estate, or are working your way into the industry, taking part in the Real Estate Photo Workshop will help you get that edge on your shots to please your clients (and sell houses!). The one-day workshop focuses on structuring great architectural images, lighting a room effectively, mastering your camera settings and flash units, and learning how to get the best angles to maximize the potential of every room you shoot.

The one-day workshop, held from 10am–4pm, costs $450, and upcoming workshop dates can be found here.

Wedding Photography Workshop

Been considering jumping into the wedding photography world but don’t want to run the risk of being more stressed out than the bride? The Wedding Photography Workshop offers a mock-wedding environment so you can explore and learn the techniques required to be a wedding photographer. Experienced wedding photographers will offer their first-hand knowledge, and will provide advice on how to cope with the stress of a real-life shoot.

This workshop runs from 10am-5pm at a cost of $450, and you can find upcoming workshop dates here.

Macro Photography Workshop

Getting to see the minute details of the tiny elements of the world can be so awe-inspiring — and with the help and advice that you’ll receive during the Macro Photography Workshop, you will be able to capture striking macro photographs of your own. You’ll get advice on what lenses to use, how to apply simple lighting techniques, and, during the full-day workshop, you’ll explore native bush and gardens to capture sharp, creative macro shots, and then return to the post-processing studio to learn how to really make your shots pop.

The Macro Photography Workshop costs $250, and you can find the upcoming dates here.

Landscape Workshop

The Landscape Workshop is currently held in Muriwai and at Maukatia Bay. However, the Three Little Wishes team are exploring several new destinations throughout the North Island. The one-day workshop guides you through techniques used in landscape photography to help you come to grips with light, composition, equipment, and how to choose a good location. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for great shots thanks to the stunning scenery that Muriwai offers.

Spaces are limited to just seven people for this workshop, which costs $185 for the day. You can choose from upcoming dates here.

Kids Photo Workshop

The Kids Photo Workshop has been hugely popular, so this workshop will start in September and will explore the best ways to photograph babies and children. For the morning session two young babies will be in attendance, and you will be given tips on posing, and how to work in both natural light and with flash. In the afternoon session, slightly older, more active kids will be in attendance, so you’ll be taught how to create an engaging environment to ensure special shots are captured.

This one-day workshop costs $450, is limited to just four people, and upcoming workshop dates can be located here.

Food Photo Workshop

Are you in the food-blogging industry? This workshop is ideal for you. A huge variety of dishes will be on offer to photograph (keep those forks away), and you’ll be taught how to capture great shots using both natural and artificial lighting. In the six-hour workshop you’ll learn about developing your own style, creating mood in your shots, as well as learning various styling techniques that will make your photographs stand out.

This workshop is limited to just four people, and costs $350, so secure your spot in one of the upcoming workshops here.

Maternity Photography Workshop

A new offering from Three Little Wishes is the Maternity Photography Workshop. It will teach you how to work with both natural and artificial light to accentuate the curves of pregnancy to create special photographs to document an exciting time in people’s lives. It will also teach you about engaging with the mother-to-be, and finding out about her and her interests to ensure you’re capturing images that truly relate to her personality and lifestyle.

This workshop is limited to just four people, and costs $450. Select a workshop date and secure your spot here.

Product Photography Workshop

Finally, the last specialist workshop offered by Three Little Wishes is the Product Photography Workshop. There is such a diverse range of products out there, so to ensure that students are being taught techniques that suit their products, the workshop team goes to the company of those registered for the workshop to set up a studio and teach the team how to capture great imagery.

This on-location workshop charges at half-day and full-day prices. A half-day will cost $500 and runs from 10am–1pm, and a full day will cost $650 and runs from 10am–3pm. You can find more information on the Product Photography Workshop here.


Lara Wyatt

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