Five minutes with wildlife photographer David Lloyd

With the Auckland Festival of Photography under way, and running until June 24, we thought we'd catch up with some of the artists who have their works showcased throughout Auckland during the event. 

We spoke with David Lloyd, a Kiwi photographer living in London, about his exhibition As Long As There Are Animals, and discovered what inspired him to get involved with this project.

David Lloyd

D-Photo: Can you please tell us about your exhibition and how you formed the idea/s behind it?

David Lloyd: The exhibit is based on my book As Long As There Are Animals. It endeavours to capture the essence of animals as individual beings, like each of us, rather than collective entities. It was also significant that the exhibit is in the Monterey Art Gallery in Howick. I grew up in Howick and I have many friends and family there still. While I may not return to Howick permanently, it’s good to return for this — a kind of closing a circle of some kind.

David Lloyd

How long in the making has the project been?

The book was first published in 2014. There was a launch exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society in London that year. This is the first time I’ve exhibited in New Zealand.

David Lloyd

Did you come up against any difficulties? If so, can you explain?

Yes. I was in India where I was out of communication while organizing the exhibition. But we pulled a few tricks to make it happen, and the exhibition and response to it has exceeded our expectations.

What have you enjoyed about putting together this exhibition for the festival?

The response to it. Seeing people see the images in print, which is how all pictures should be presented. Also I’ve felt I’ve met many new friends, too.

David Lloyd

What are you looking forward to about the festival itself?

The interaction with the gallery visitors and visiting some of the other galleries partaking as well.

Lloyd's exhibition is being showcased at the Monterey Arty Gallery in Howick until June 25.

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