Muse Perusal: explore inspiring APOTY entries

The 2016 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year (APOTY) competition has kicked off well with incredible talent seen in all of the galleries. Every time we check we are stunned at the number of new entries and how beautiful they are. Throughout the duration of the competition, we'll be showcasing an image from each category for you to peruse and be inspired by. Explore this week's picks here:

Aerial, sponsored by DJI Drones

Riley Baker

Creative, sponsored by White Studios

Geoff Soper

Junior, sponsored by the Universal College of Learning (UCOL)

Weston Cowley

Landscape, sponsored by Progear

Paul Kleynhans

Macro, sponsored by Tamrom Lenses

Lorri Adams

Monochrome, sponsored by Ilford

Ryan Isherwood

Nature, sponsored by Vanguard

Lou Kibby

People, sponsored by Profoto

Kayley Foster

Travel, sponsored by Nikon

Ellen Rendle

Get your photographs at the ready and head to the 2016 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year page and start entering!


Lara Wyatt

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