Five minutes with: Georgia Periam

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design Photo Media student Georgia Periam talks to D-Photo about her various creative outlets that she’s working on, and how Whitecliffe is helping her in achieving her goals for her work in the photographic industry.

Georgia Periam

D-Photo: You were named a finalist (and also received Self-Published Commended) in the NZ Photobook of the Year Awards. What does that mean to you, and what inspired you to enter the competition?

Georgia Periam: To be recognized for my work outside of a university environment is a huge honour, surprise, but also a relief too. My work reflects on personal experiences, and to know my ideas resonate with a group of people in the photographic industry, and to sit alongside experienced photographers is a real boost for my confidence and practice. I didn’t enter my work with the idea of being a finalist, it was an opportunity that was available to me and I took it. I am a huge believer in taking any opportunity you can and seeing where it takes you.

Georgia Periam

You study Photo Media at Whitecliffe. What has this course allowed you to achieve and why would you recommend this course to aspiring photographers?

Where to begin! Art theory, studio lighting, how to develop and complete a body of work, research skills, time management, darkroom process, digital processes, how to express my ideas in a visual way … the list really does go on and on. But what I appreciate the most is the the confidence and support Whitecliffe has given me — not only the faculty but other students too. Whitecliffe is the space I have needed to try new ideas and experiment and not be afraid to fail. I think all these areas are reasons why you should definitely consider studying at Whitecliffe.

Georgia Periam

I have heard you are working at Kingsize Studios? Can you please describe your role there, and what you enjoy about it?

I work at Kingsize in the afternoons doing the ‘turn-around’ shift. My role involves testing and packing of gear for the clients and the upkeep of the studios. It is a great platform to get to learn, test, and discuss everything photographic, and to meet the different creative people who walk through the door, and hear what they are working on in both a commercial and fine-art practice. To have an opportunity to assist some of these photographers has been the biggest learning experience and insight into the industry that I want to be a part of.

You must keep yourself incredibly busy — you are also assisting Photo Media Head of Department Becky Nunes with research.

When your Head of Department asks you to help her on a project she is working on, you should always say yes! Again, taking any opportunity I can to learn about the creative, photographic world.


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