Whitecliffe College introduces new, more fluid three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design has announced that they will be providing a new three year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a one-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) to follow up, commencing in 2017.

Courses on offer in Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design's new Bachelor of Fine Arts programme.

The reworked programme comes in response to a major rewrite of the existing four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programme, updating this into a more fluid qualification intended to provide greater coherence and improved pathways through the college’s offerings. Whitecliffe College president Michéle Whitecliffe says, “we are confident that this significant change will enable Whitecliffe students to continue to be well prepared, both creatively and academically, for employment opportunities in the Creative Industries.”

The three year programme has been designed to meet the professional needs of the wider arts and design industry, focussed on creative practitioners. The structure of the programme includes three strands of content: studio practice and research, critical and contextual studies, and entrepreneurship.

All students enrolling in studies of Fine Arts, Photo Media, Fashion Design or Graphic Design within the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme will be enrolled in the three-year programme as of 2017.