Gear Necessities: haze on demand

Photographers and film-makers looking to add that soft haze or fog look to their creations need look no further than Atmosphere ANZ’s Atmosphere Aerosol. This easy-to-use product comes in an aerosol container, and can be spritzed into your shot with little fuss — no longer do you need to lug around heavy equipment and be on the hunt for a power source to plug in the haze machine!

Atmosphere Aerosol easily fits into your bag, it’s a safe, non-toxic, clear spray, and all you need to do to get the effect you’re after is make sure you’ve got your back lighting organized, shake the can well, spray it into a room or still area for at least 20 seconds, then capture your shot. The haze will linger for several moments, and you can respray as required. One eight-ounce can (holding around 227g) will spray continuously for about five-and-a-half minutes, and in an environment with no wind or air flow it will hang around for hours.

If you want to give Atmosphere Aerosol a whirl, you can purchase it online from, find it at Auckland Camera Centre, or ask your local camera store if they stock it.