Winners of Auckland Camera Centre’s 2016 Photo Competition announced

The annual photo competition run by Auckland Camera Centre saw this year’s judges hunt out the top wildlife, landscape, and street-photography shots — and what stunning work they unearthed, as you can see from the quality of the winning images!

Sharon Richards was this year’s Wildlife category judge, Jordan McInally was the Landscapes category judge, and Chris Leskovsek was this year’s Street category judge. Check out the winners following, along with some comments from the judges on the category-winning shots.


Victor Komarovsky

First: Victor Komarovsky

Jordan McInally: This image really captured my attention — it has awesome light, something all photographers are constantly hunting for. The light rays create great leading lines. The processing is also well done, with good light on the stairs to add another great leading line. The exposure is well balanced with good shadow and highlight detail. I liked the included hiker, as it gives a sense of story to the image and makes you feel as if you’re there with him.

Philip Smith

Second: Philip Smith

Third: Jack Burden


Mark Meredith

First: Mark Meredith

Chris Leskovsek: The term ‘street’ photography has been widely discussed regarding what it is and what it isn’t. But, somehow, all tend to agree that it is the art of capturing the extraordinary out of the ordinary of everyday life. And with that thought, while I was browsing through all the images, this one caught my attention. I simply love this grid-like composition, the symmetry, the forced perspective, and the colour palette within this shot. Granted, we all have seen construction-site workers, but, to me, the workers here look like musical notes on a music pentagram that the photographer has brilliantly directed.

Alex Zozulya

Second: Alex Zozulya

Sarah Caldwell

Third: Sarah Caldwell


Julie Salisbury

First: Julie Salisbury

Sharon Richards: I chose this as the winning image for its well-balanced and artistic composition. The attention to detail and depth of field have been well executed, demonstrating the strong creative skills of the photographer. Congratulations on a well-made image.

Allan Cox

Second: Allan Cox

Joshua Wood

Third: Joshua Wood

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