Every Picture Tells a Story comes to fruition

Back in 2014, photographer Jocelyn Carlin created a blog to communicate people’s stories in words as well as pictures. Her blog was the inspiration behind her latest creation, the book Every Picture Tells a Story.

Here at D-Photo, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of the beautiful book, and editor Lara Wyatt took it home over the summer holidays to explore — it spent the entire holiday as a coffee-table book, which visitors would look through and enjoy the variety of stories that Carlin told, both in words and in photographs.

Jocelyn Carlin

When you pick up a copy of the book yourself you will read about and, through the images, be transported to Tokyo and its kakashi (scarecrows in rice fields), Kiribati and the way its running out of fresh water, as well as in our own backyard in Christchurch after the September 2010 earthquake. And that's only three stories you'll explore in this 224-page book.

The images presented and elaborated on in the book were chosen at random from the photographs that Carlin had captured over her 40 years as a photographer. The photograph seen here, for example, was captured while Carlin was in Melbourne after attending the 2009 Climate Action Network Australia Conference. The images published in the book range across genres, with everything from landscapes, portraits, weddings, and documentary images included and described. 

Jocelyn Carlin

This book was crowdfunded from donations made via the campaign’s PledgeMe platform, with the target of $21,600 being achieved and the total raised being $24,990. Any money remaining after the cost of the book and getting it to its purchasers was met was pledged to MSA Research NZ, as Carlin contracted the rare neurological disease multiple systems atrophy in 2011.

If you’d like a beautiful hardcover copy of Every Picture Tells a Story for yourself, look out for it in bookstores, or you can email neil@neilhannan.com to make a purchase.


Lara Wyatt

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