Metapherein at The Shutter Room

Whangarei's The Shutter Room is at it again and has transformed their gallery to showcase the works of photographers Kristin Hatland, Chris Schreuder, and Lisa Clunie int their exhibition called Metapherein, which is running until December 5, 2015.

The thought process behind Metapherein is to represent or mean something other than what is literally depicted, so the photographs created by the artists explore a range of themes and ideas in making the viewer think about reality and everyday life in an alternative way.

Lisa Clunie

Lisa Clunie explores the physical qualities that form photography by transforming the flatness of the photograph into a sculptural object. She adopts experimental darkroom techniques to bend light and paper in order to make you consider the the constancy of change in our lives.

Kristin Hatland

Capturing the movement of light and time, Kristin Hatland's work takes into consideration the questions surrounding reality and knowledge when it comes to the human condition. A question in particular being how do we as individuals live life with an imperfect understanding of reality, which is constrained by imperfect knowledge?

Chris Schreuder

Finally, Chris Schreuder constructs and photographs architectural structures to communicate a metaphor of psychological security. He factors in the everyday sayings, such as safe as houses, and presents the theory that are they really that solid and permanent as we may think.

Metapherein runs from 12–4pm on Wednesday to Friday, and is open on Saturdays from 10am–1pm. The Shutter Room is accessed via the west entrance behind The Old Library at 7 Rust Avenue, Whangarei.