Frequently asked questions

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I’m on a working visa; can I enter?
We restrict entries to residents of New Zealand, that is, those that consider New Zealand their home and primary place of residence. If you’re just working here for a little while, you are not eligible, but if you are on the path to residency, you are welcome to enter.

Do I count as ‘amateur’?
We define an amateur photographer as one who is not earning their primary income from photography. You may be an accomplished photographer but still considered amateur under this definition. If you call yourself a professional photographer or you’re a member of the NZIPP, you are not eligible to enter.

Who can enter the Student category?
There are two subcategories in the Student category: High School and Tertiary. To be eligible for the High School subcategory, you must be 18 and younger and not currently enrolled in a tertiary institute. To be eligible for the Tertiary subcategory, you must be a current student at a tertiary institute.

I’m a New Zealander living overseas; I should be eligible, but the website does not allow me to enter
Our system blocks entries from overseas IP addresses to avoid masses of ineligible entries. However, this is a problem for New Zealanders who are currently based overseas. We are working on a solution to the problem, but for the meantime we suggest that people in this situation ask a friend or family member living in New Zealand to enter images on their behalf, using their email address and details.

Image protocols and eligibility

How many photographs can I enter?
We place no restrictions on the number of entries each photographer can make; however, images must abide by all Ts&Cs and a single image cannot be entered into more than one category.

My image has been published already; can I enter?
An image that has been sold, been a finalist in other competitions (small club/school competitions excepted), or published in magazines/newspapers/websites with a large distribution/audience aren’t eligible for entry. If the image has just been shared on Facebook/Instagram, your personal website, or other photo-sharing websites, it is eligible.

My image contains people who aren’t aware/didn’t consent to their photo being taken; is it OK to enter?
It is entirely up to you whether you judge an image appropriate to enter and D-Photo doesn’t take any responsibility in this regard (see point 8 of the Ts & Cs). You can find some guidelines regarding privacy here:

Are there any file-naming protocols?
No; please use the name you would want to appear in print should we publish it.

Are there restrictions regarding image size / aspect ratio?
No; please upload the image in the format that you think it looks best (please see question below). Note that while there is a file size limit when you upload the image, please upload at as good a resolution as possible. If you are shortlisted we will request a high-resolution image from you via email.

My image isn’t displaying in the gallery; does this mean that it hasn’t been entered correctly?
Some aspect ratios aren’t able to be displayed in the gallery, but If you have received an email confirming your entry, we have received your image.

Are there any restrictions on the date the photo was taken?
Yes, images taken more than two years ago are not eligible.

Can I enter edited images?
Yes, post-production plays a big role for most photographers so we place no restrictions on edited images.

Removing / swapping images

I accidentally uploaded a version of my image with a watermark; can I swap it for one without?
Images with watermarks are automatically disqualified from the competition. You can’t remove the image yourself, so please re-upload the image without a watermark and send an email with the subject line ‘APOTY remove image’ telling us the email you entered with and the name of the image. Don’t worry if the watermarked image still appears in the gallery; its presence doesn’t affect the eligibility of the non-watermarked version.

I realized that my images are not eligible for entry after I submitted them; can I remove them?
It isn’t possible for entrants to remove images themselves, so please send an email with the subject like ‘APOTY remove image’ telling us the email you entered with and the name of the image. The image may still appear in the gallery, but will be removed from the judging process.

I uploaded my image into the wrong category; can I move it?
You can’t move an image, but you can re-upload your image into the correct category and we will delete the incorrectly entered image. Send us an email with the subject line ‘APOTY remove image’ telling us the email you entered with and the name of the image who wish to remove. Don’t worry if the image still appears in the wrong category as well; its presence doesn’t affect the eligibility of the non-watermarked version.

Trouble entering your image? See our Help page

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