Shooting UV damage

A New York photographer who specialises in photographing the invisible ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum is visiting New Zealand to capture the country’s unique ozone situation.

Diane Tuft shoots landscapes with a specially designed quartz lens that allows UV light rays to pass through to the camera’s sensor, which results in images awash with vivid blues and oranges and pinks representing light unseen by the human eye.

The photographer has come to shoot in New Zealand because of the country’s proximity to a hole in the ozone layer, creating higher UV levels.

Tuft hopes that her images will help further the dialogue about global warming’s affects on the amount of damaging UV light entering the atmosphere.

The following is an interview the photographer did on Kiwi FM with Glenn ‘Wammo’ Williams earlier this week.

If you are interested in techniques for photographing the invisible light spectrums be sure to pick up D-Photo issue 47 for an interview with infrared photographer Helmut Hirler.

Image: © Diane Tuft, Red Sea, from the portfolio Salt Lake Reconsidered