Lightroom 3

Lightroom 3 officially made available

Adobe recently announced the immediate availability of Lightroom 3, previously available only as a public beta. The latest version of Lightroom showcases several new features, including instantaneous image loading, an automatic lens correction feature and a ˜straighten’ tool to correct any horizontal or vertical misdemeanours.

Lightroom 3 is touted as the “tool to have” for any photographer who wants to import, manipulate and showcase their work, whether it be in the RAW format or your standard JPEG. It includes functions to assist easy web upload to sites such as Flickr. Professionals also have the option of branding or watermarking their images.

There is also third party presets available that can simply your production process with Lightroom, try checking out one here.

Lightroom 3 is available for an estimated A$412 (NZ$504), or A$136 (NZ$166) upgrade for registered users. Those photographers who’ve been freeloading on the Beta version will no doubt have already noticed they’ve been cut off¦

Digital Photography – Sharpening Tutorial for Lightroom 3

Digital Photography – Sharpening Tutorial for Lightroom 3