Get a Real Camera

Olympus thinks you should get a real camera

Sick of the ever-escalating camera phone trend, Olympus has started a new advertising campaign aimed at kicking sand in the face of budding phone-tographers.

The Get a Real Camera campaign is being used to promote the company’s newly announced PEN Micro Four Thirds models, the E-P3, PEN Lite and PEN Mini, at the expense of phones with built-in cameras.

The campaign will consist of ads baring messages like ‘a camera phone is to photography what two minute noodles are to cooking’ and ‘if your camera also sends text messages, that will explain why your photos are rubbish’.

Olympus is hoping the mocking ads, also featuring images of destroyed mobile phones, will encourage better photography through the use of high-quality camera gear.

The campaign kicks off next month and will be followed by the appointment of a group of ‘Olympus photography ambassadors’, handpicked pros that will use the company’s new models to shoot work to be displayed on billboards.

The ambassador’s photos will also eventually be displayed at, which currently redirects to the company’s main page.

The extensive campaign is said to be an attempt to wrest then crown from Leica as the ‘hipster’ camera brand of choice.

Local details for the new PEN cameras have yet to be confirmed.