Canon Powershot S95 – Review

In this New Zealand exclusive review, Ashley Kramer discovers whether Canon’s S95 can part him from his G11

It’s confession time. I put my hand up for this review and frankly, did everything I could to get my mitts on Canon’s new S95. I had to discover if the S95 could dethrone the G11 as ˜the professional’s compact camera’.

The G11’s only real weakness is its size ” it’s just too big to go into most pockets. The S95, by contrast, is smaller and eminently pocketable. However, it’s hard to spot major differences between the S95 and S90; this is a minor upgrade, not a full facelift. The S95 has been slimmed down by virtually undetectable amounts; Canon has also shifted the location of a couple of buttons and redesigned the rear control dial to offer more emphatic click-stops. The internal upgrades include the addition of 720 HD video capture with stereo microphones, and there’s a new hybrid image stabilisation (IS) system that uses a sensor and an accelerometer to reduce blur.

The S95’s rugged body looks good and feels pleasant to the touch. The LCD is bright but, like most, it’s hard to see clearly in direct sunlight, which is where the G11’s simple optical viewfinder is an advantage.

Handling the new camera is identical to the S90, with the front-mounted lens ring and rear-mounted dial offering all the control you’ll need to drive the camera manually. The menus allow for a substantial degree of customisation in terms of the ring’s operation, so it’s easy to get the S95 running just the way you like. The only thing that bothers me is the flash, which pops up just where I rest my left index finger; learn to adjust your grip or go crazy are the options.

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Nikon Rumoured to Replace Projector, Rival G11

Nikon are set to replace their current Coolpix S1000pj with a spiffy new model featuring a built-in projector, according to an article in French magazine Chasseur d’Images.

Nikon are also preparing to replace other models of Coolpix cameras, including the P6000, which also appears to have been discontinued. The latest batch is also expected to include the Coolpix P700, hopefully to rival to Canon’s newish G11 model.

According to Nikon Rumors, several large on-line retailers are already discontinuing the original Coolpix S1000pj.  Nikon has also been fervently applying for various projector patents over the last twelve months.