DC comics

Pentax powers up

In an odd team-up Pentax has partnered with DC Comics to bring the publisher’s colourful superheroes into the photographic realm.

Never one to shy away from customisation options, Pentax is introducing a range of spandex-clad faceplates for its Optio RS1500 compact.

Released to cash in on the hype surrounding Warner Brothers’ forthcoming Green Lantern film, the DC Super Heroes RS1500 collector pack will let users snap on a faceplate featuring their favourite DC hero or villain.

The pack, which contains seven faceplates (Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Superman, Catwoman and the Joker), also comes with a 4GB SD card and special Green Lantern protective camera case.

The compact itself is more of a sidekick than hero, featuring a 14MP CCD sensor, 4x optical zoom, HD recording options and a 3-inch LCD display.

I know straight-laced photography enthusiasts are not big fans of the Pentax penchant for personalised whimsy but I have to say I appreciate the 70s-era designs chosen (though no Green Arrow, for shame).

The super-Pentax will be hitting shelves in May for £119 (about NZ$220).