See what makes D-Photo the
top-selling photography magazine
in New Zealand

It's the range of inspiring images, practical hints and tips for better photography, insightful interviews with top talent and in-depth equipment reviews, all presented in a format accessible to amateurs and pros alike, that makes D-Photo so popular.

Photography that inspires you

Find out the top professionals' methods for consistently seeing their subjects in signature, unique styles and apply these ideas to motivate originality in your own vision.
The feature stories cover the range of the photographic spectrum, and whether your interest is in photographing nature, landscapes, portraiture or photojournalism, if you want to push your creativity to new limits, D-Photo is a great place to start. you'll will also find out what drives the world's best photographers and encourages you to think in new ways about your craft that will lift your inspiration to the next level.

Learn how to take great photos

To help put that inspiration into practice there are
provides easy-to-follow tips and tricks to turn your
ideas into beautifully framed, perfectly focused
and well balanced images.
Get your photos critiqued  for free  by Mike Langford, one of   New Zealand's top photographers - and see his invaluable experience and knowledge applied helping other photographers like you to learn and improve how to take photos.
You'll learn everything from choosing the best lighting and lenses through to techniques to capture your subjects in their natural state.

Discover new techniques for editing and processing

Improve your photograph processing with step-by-step technical guides written by leading professionals. D-Photo covers popular software such as Photoshop and Lightroom, with detailed, structured, simple-to-follow tutorials to achieve stellar results in techniques including colour management, noise reduction, automation, workflow and printing.

Get knowledge and inspiration from experts

Every issue features stunning portfolios from world-renowned photographers and then examines the work with in-depth interviews with the photographers. Find out what it takes to be an innovative leader in the photographic scene. Be they living photographic legends, rising stars on the international stage or home-grown artists taking the world by storm, D-Photo asks the questions and analyses the method, techniques, and equipment to give you an insight into the realm of the world's best.

In-depth equipment reviews

Every issue of D-Photo puts the latest equipment from all the major manufacturers of cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, printers, bags and more to the test. The extensive reviews are written by a stable of photography professionals and accompanied by detailed specifications, a list of pros and cons and helpful ratings for construction, ergonomics, ease of use and more. The reviews are write-ups of hands-on field tests in real-world practical applications - they inform you of how a particular product might work for you.

Amazing competitions

Every issue has competitions you can enter either as a photographer or through skill challenges and prize draws. Will your photo be one of the ones chosen to be published in the magazine? As a subscriber you'll also be automatically entered into subscriber-only competitions full of the latest photographic goodies.*

Get involved

D-Photo is your one stop for all the latest happenings in the photographic community. Never miss another event or exhibition, get the lowdown on your local camera club and interact and network with a forum of like-minded motivated photography enthusiasts.
You'll also be totally up-to-date with all the major local photography organisations, including the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association and the Photography Society of New Zealand.

What extra stuff will you get when you subscribe?

  • You'll get automatic entry into all subscriber prize draws and giveaways, whether it's to win something huge like a new camera, or small like a book.*
  • Get your copy before it hits the shelves, delivered straight to your door
  • Never worry about missing an issue again
  • Save up to 34% with a 2-year physical subscription and 21% with a 1-year digital subscription over the price of purchasing individual issues (based on each issue's sale price of NZ$9.99)

You're in great company! Here's who reads D-Photo

  • Local professional and amateur photographers
  • Beginner photographers looking to learn and improve
  • Many photography studio owners and equipment suppliers in New Zealand
  • Photography students and assistants
  • Professional and amateur photographers worldwide
Adrian Hatwell
*competitions only open to residents of New Zealand