Stunning imagery and expert advice in Photographing Aoraki Mount Cook

If you were needing that final dose of inspiration to check out the various walks available in the Aoraki Mount Cook region, then all you really need to do is grab a copy of Mark Watson’s Photographing Aoraki Mount Cook, and we’re pretty certain you’ll be booking your exploration holiday straight away.

The 156-page book is packed to the brim with absolutely stunning images, which were captured by Watson over a four-year period, during which he visited Mount Cook and the surrounding areas during all seasons. We spent so much time gazing at the beauty of the images that we almost forgot to read the words. But we don’t recommend you skip over the words in favour of the photographs as the information within the book is invaluable.

You’ll find out all about what you should pack into your photography kit if you’re going to be exploring the mountain range, you’ll learn about camping and backcountry etiquitte, and then you’ll get a rundown on all of the various walks availble to you throughout the range, including information on how to get there, how long it will likely take you, when the best time to go is, as well as how difficult the track is. Throughout the book, there are also bite-size chunks of photography tips and tricks, such as how to interpret histograms so you can capture gorgeous photographs in the different and difficult lighting situations you may encounter on your journey.

This book really does take into account everything you need to consider if you’re venturing out to shoot the mountain ranges. It even includes suggestions of accommodation for you to stay at during your trip, as well as several recommendations for eatery experiences.

Whether you’re after a book for your coffee table that will have visitors flicking through to see some stunning imagery, or if you’re in need of some expert advice on what you need to consider prior to venturing out on your Aoraki Mount Cook endeavour, then this book is definitely for you!


Lara Wyatt

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