Feeling blue? Cyanotype exhibition opens in Whangarei

Cyanotype: a printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Developed in the 1840s, and originally used for architectural and engineering designs.

It may have been used for blueprints originally, but cyanotype photography created by artists Elektra Bakhshov and Lenka Mason will be adorning the walls of The Shutter Room Gallery in Whangarei, from February 24 until March 5, as part of the Blue Impressions exhibition. 

Elektra Bakhshov

Bakhshov's cyanotypes focus on projecting the nostalgic feeling you can get from landscapes. Her work is inspired by the appeal of plants, whether they are alive or dead, and she focuses on capturing a moment of wonder, romance, and mystery.

“We see plants and landscapes every day, but we get mesmerized by the photos. Something mystical appears when you capture it, maybe it's the moment or the spirit; you are never quite sure,” Bakhshov explains of her work.

Lenka Mason

Mason's work (as you can see above) plays with placing characters from paintings into Whangarei streets. This juxtaposition of classical individuals with street scenes from Whangarei is something that creates a romanticized version of the city.

Blue Impressions opens on February 24 (5.30–7pm), and is open Wednesday to Fridays (12–4pm), and Saturdays (10am–1pm) until March 5.