News: Naked Aucklanders wanted

An award-winning photographer is seeking members of the public willing to get their clothes off in Auckland for a mass nude shoot in February.

Celebrated Palmerston North photographer Binh Trinh, whose mass nude shots earned him the 2011 International Black and White Photographer of the Year nod from Black + White magazine, is seeking subjects for an Auckland shoot on February 12.

Trinh, who featured in D-Photo 41’s D-Folio profile, is encouraging any willing participants to join his mass nude database.

The photographer says everybody must be completely nude to participate though if anonymity is an issue people can shuffle to the back or hide their face.

“I have no prejudice against size, shape, age or anything like that,” says Trinh.

“I am here to create art and every one has a story to tell.”

The photographer’s latest mass nude shoot was at Wellington’s Old fever Hospital and further examples of his nude work can be seen here.

If you have the courage to volunteer and help create another of these captivating projects head over here to register.

As well as his recent Black + White win Trinh has also been awarded the Hasselblad Masters Photographer of the Year title and topped the nude category of the 2011 Spider Awards.

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