Assistants get one more shot

OMSA biennial exhibition showcasing and supporting New Zealand’s professional photography assistants returns to Auckland next week with a free one-night show.

Kingsize Studios in Grey Lynn will be hosting the One More Shot exhibition on Saturday, July 27 from 6pm, displaying the personal work of eight of the country’s photography assistants.

The free event features works from Andrea Bednarek, Michael Coates, Nic Fletcher, Joel Forsyth, Julie Huang, Hamish Melville, Blair McTaggart and James Veale, emerging stars all in the local photography scene.

The exhibition, now in its fourth year, is conceived as a platform to help the assistants get their names out as professional photographers in their own right.

As well as having some great images on display, there will also be Hancock & Co craft beer, music and plenty of opportunities to mingle and network on offer.

Check out the One More Shot Facebook page and put the date in your calendar now:

One More Shot exhibition

Kingsize Studios

Saturday, July 27 from 6pm

27 Sackville Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland


New website for top commercial work

© Fredrik Larsson

© Fredrik Larsson, from 2013 Cliq Photography Compendium

If you have an interest in keeping up with what New Zealand’s top commercial photographers are up to then you’ll want to make the new Cliq website a regular on your internet rotation.

Launched by the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association, Cliq is designed as a resource that creatives and clients can use to view recent work by the country’s leading professional photographers – but it’s also a great spot for anyone interested in photography to stop by and be inspired.

The website tracks all the latest campaigns, editorials, books, exhibitions and other projects from local image makers, including the likes of Tony Drayton, Spid, Charles Howells, Simon Devitt, Ian Robertson, Dean Zillwood, Alistair Guthrie, Lee Howell and Diederik van Heyningen.

Along with the new website, the organisation has published the 2013 Cliq Photography Compendium, a quality 240-page collection of works by 79 commercial photographers around the country.

Aaron K, the association’s executive director, says the platform has the dual purposes of helping photographers promote their recent work ...full story

Kelly McQuinlan named Amateur Photographer of the Year

Kelly McQuinlan, 2013 Nikon D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year

Kelly McQuinlan, 2013 Nikon D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year

Auckland photographer Kelly McQuinlan has scooped the title of Amateur Photographer of the Year in New Zealand’s biggest annual amateur photography competition.

McQuinlan topped the People category of the 2013 Nikon D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition with a striking portrait featuring a barbed wire necklace.

“I hand made some barbed wire last year and a model friend was willing to give it a shot,” the photographer explains.

A stay at home mother, McQuinlan enjoys learning and trying out new techniques when parenting duties allow. She and her husband both shoot and display their work under the banner McZany Photography, organising shoots with friends such as the one that led to her champion image.

McZany has a very professional-looking web presence but, as the amateur photographer explains, it’s not something the couple earn an income from.

“It’s there in the hopes that we can earn an income from it one day… Turning it into a professional business is a ...full story

Olympus launches new Micro Four Thirds flagship

ID: 4173Continuing the company’s confident stride in the mirrorless compact system market, Olympus introduces a new flagship to its retro-inspired PEN line.

The Olympus PEN E-P5 borrows a host of features from last year’s extremely successful OM-D E-M5, tying them into a sleek rangefinder-style compact chassis and introducing a few new tricks all its own.

The E-P5 features an impressive top shutter speed of 1/8000sec, a first for a camera of this class; a built-in advanced 5-axis image stabiliser; and the ability to wirelessly connect to iOS and Android devices for live view features.

The camera also claims to offer the world’s fastest autofocus speed when paired with the M.Zuiko Digital 12-50mm lens, thanks to its Fast-AF technology with super spot focusing.

In addition the new PEN inherits the same 16-megapixel LiveMos image sensor, 9fps continuous shooting ability and tilting rear touch screen that contributed to the E-M5’s favour in the SLR-style category.

The new PEN also features the expectedly classy design that has become a hallmark of the line, with an all-metal exterior and the vintage Olympus PEN logo from 1959 stamped ...full story

Composition basics part one

Pip Payne, one of the photography instructors at the Bring Your Own Laptop training organisation, continues his series on the foundations of good composition for beginners.

Ailsa Pinks Culzean by Alistair Keddie (example of line element)

Ailsa Pinks Culzean by Alistair Keddie (example of line element)

In my previous post on composition I talked about how photography students in BYOL’s beginners class are introduced to the elements and principles of composition. It’s the start towards visual literacy and offers a fundamental breakthrough in how images are composed and viewed.

If composition were a recipe, the elements would be the ingredients while the principles are how the meal is put together. The elements of composition are point, line, shape, tone, texture, space and colour – in this post we will look at the first three.


Our minds look for a focal point. If everyone is looking up – we look as well. Point at someone and people won’t be looking at you. Start waving and they will.

Equally powerful is the lack of focal point. If you want the eye to wander ...full story

Let the water hold me down: Thomas Seear-Budd

D-Photo‘s Point-Shoot blog looks at interesting photographers doing interesting things – Wellington photographer Thomas Seear-Budd who is currently exploring the notions of spirituality and healing within a natural landscape.

D-Photo: Can you briefly describe what The Therapeutic Landscape project is?

Thomas Seear-Budd: The Therapeutic Landscape project questions the way in which one’s experience and relationship with a natural environment can enable physical, psychological and spiritual growth/healing. The project began in early 2012 as I started to use photography and the landscape as a way of connecting with my mother, who passed away in 2001. As the project developed water became the dominant subject matter and Wellington’s south coast, for me, became a place of therapy, a landscape that induced contemplation, reflection and the act of remembering. The way in which water-based landscapes embody movement and an absence of movement makes them really intriguing. Furthermore, photography can capture and abstract water in ways that the human eye cannot. The abstraction of water through photography I think makes the images in this project more fantastical and surreal. These somewhat surreal photographs are intended to distill the essence of my own experience ...full story

DIY camera party

KONSTRUKTOR_2If you’re as keen on DIY as you are photography then Kingsize studios in Auckland are having a party later this month that will be right up your alley.

To celebrate the launch of Lomo’s new Konstruktor, the world’s first 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera, Kingsize have ordered 10 kits for likeminded camera geeks to come along and assemble on the evening of July 24.

The Konstruktor features a detachable lens and waist level finder and should take about one to two hours to build – you’ll also receive a roll of film for the camera that Photo Warehouse will develop, print and scan for you.

A week after the assembling party, on July 31, attendees will meet up again to share results and tips, with a digital projector along to show of the images.

Attendance at the Konstruktor Party costs $79, for which you will receive your Konstruktor kit, roll of film, developing, printing and scanning and refreshments on build night and slide night.

With only 10 kits available spaces are very limited, book your spot at the Kingsize website today.