D-Photo no. 58 out Monday

DP58Our clever subscribers can begin checking their mailboxes from tomorrow, but everyone else should run down to the local news agent because D-Photo no. 58 hits the shelves on Monday.

This issue we talk to portrait artist extraordinaire, Esther Bunning, about her magical Tales of Whimsy images that turn childhood dreams into photographic reality.

We also feature work from American master William Eggleston alongside New Zealand great Lawrence Aberhart, looking at a new exhibition exploring their contributions to the poetry of everyday life.

Travel photographer Josh Donnelly takes us on a photo tour of Myanmar and we look at Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani’s arresting new project with a creative look at dogs and their owners.

You will also find an exclusive feature on the fresh, challenging work from New Zealand’s best young photographers in the Canon EYEcon awards, and learn how not to bore your friends to death with dull GoPro footage in Mead Norton‘s action video tutorial.

Our beloved regulars also offer up some inspiring insights, including Chris McLennan‘s tour of New Zealand’s best ...full story

Upskill for the New Year

Kingsize workshopsIf you’ve ever thought about getting into fashion photography or taking the online world by storm as the country’s next top blogger 2014 might be the year to cease upon those dreams, with a pair of intensive workshops running this month on those very subjects.

Auckland’s Kingsize Studios will be holding two one-day practical workshops, one on how to produce a world-class blog and the other an introduction to the world of professional fashion photography, in late January.

The blogging workshop sees the authors behind four of New Zealand’s most successful blogs – Foureyes, Rag Pony, Aych Blog and Katherine is Awesome – discussing their experiences and dishing out advice on writing, photography, design, branding and more.

Hosted by convivial fashion photographer Oliver Rose, the blog workshop will be held at the Grey Lynn studios on Saturday, January 18 running from 10am to 4pm, with admission at $135.

The following Saturday, January 25, sees Rose teaming up with Kingsize’s Luke White to teach an intensive introduction to a career in fashion ...full story

Two weeks left on Photoshop deal

photoshopccA recent software package designed to lure more photographers to Adobe’s new cloud-based service has proved so popular the company has extended the limited time offer until the end of the month.

The Photoshop Photography Program, which includes a subscription to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 along with a host of other cloud services, is currently open to anyone at a special price of A$9.99 a month (Photoshop doesn’t offer prices in New Zealand dollars, but it translates to about $11) until December 31.

The bundle was initially floated in September as a way of enticing photographers away from older boxed versions of the software to the new subscription-based service – the introductory offer was initially only available to customers who owned  Photoshop CS3 or higher but has since been opened to everyone.

To qualify for the Photography Program at this special price you need to sign up for a one-year plan before the end of the year, and Adobe has assured customers that at the end of that year the A$9.99 a month price will remain an option until you unsubscribe.

Customers ...full story

Update: Lighten up, Auckland


Update: With his Auckland lighting workshop rapidly approaching, Richard Wood has opened up a limited number of additional spots for those who didn’t get in the first time around.

There are now two or three additional tickets available to the workshop this Saturday, so get in quick if you haven’t already got a seat and you’d like to learn lighting techniques from a portrait master.

Update ends 

One of New Zealand’s Grand Masters of Photography is heading to Auckland next month to host an exclusive workshop exposing his secrets to creating beautiful lighting for portraits.

Hawke’s Bay photographer Richard Wood is bringing his lighting workshop, dubbed Painter’s Light, to Auckland on December 14 where he will dish out tips on getting soft, beautiful light to a limited number of attendees.

The workshop will run from 1pm to 5pm on the Saturday at Studio Lumière in Parnell and during that time Wood will be teaching simple techniques to avoid harsh off camera flash lighting and create beautifully lit portraits both in the studio and on location.

Be sure to book your place promptly ...full story

Facebook cover shoot winner

anthony-fau (6)

Congratulations to Anthony Fau of Christchurch, who is the latest winner of the D-Photo Facebook cover shoot competition.

Fau’s rich image of Christchurch’s Sumner beach came out on top of a very impressive amount of entries vying to be the welcome image for D-Photo’s over 6000 Facebook fans.

For helping us to get our Facebook page looking the part for the start of summer, Fau wins a one-year subscription to the magazine.

“This photo was taken last year, it was a very warm summer day, I have rarely seen Sumner beach that busy, it felt like a great summer holiday atmosphere,” explains Fau.

“I simply wanted to capture all these people doing their own thing – some walking, some reading, some playing in the water.”

We think he captured the scene perfectly and are proud to display Fau’s image as our Facebook cover.

In the coming weeks we will also display a number of excellent runners up to this edition of the competition before putting the call out again – so make sure you’re following us on Facebook to stay up to date.

Memories of Madiba: Nelson Mandela

Mandela-6Peter Bush recalls the privileged few times he photographed one of the world’s great leaders over his storied career.

When the huge shadow of the low-flying 747 passenger jet blocked out the sun from Ellis Park Stadium, I raised my camera in total disbelief. The slow passenger plane seemed to hover over the nearly full rugby stadium, before roaring on over the city of Johannesburg. The noisy crowd, which had fallen silent as the plane skimmed across the stadium, now burst back to life. The Zulu dancers in the middle of the playing field resumed their vigorous dance routine, with throbbing drums and high-pitched chanting.

Surprisingly, once again the music was drowned out as the jet made another leisurely sweep across the stadium. This was a prelude to the dramatic 1995 Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and New Zealand, finally won in extra time by South Africa, 15 to 12.

Before the start of this most memorable of all rugby games, myself and a number of other photographers had briefly met Nelson Mandela, the truly legendary ...full story

The sincerest form of flattery

Ripping off somebody else’s image isn’t usually a good idea (though our digitally-connected world makes it seem unfortunately common these days), but if you do it with the right intentions it can be a valuable technical experience.

So learnt the pupils of this year’s Kingsize Scholarship class when they were assigned the task of plagiarizing a famous portrait, using fellow students as subjects.

The idea was to try to emulate the lighting set up of these well known images as closely as possible, to gain hands-on knowledge of how such looks are created in the studio, explains course leader Luke White.

“By relinquishing creative control, the students were able to concentrate on simply deconstructing and replicating their chosen image as closely as possible without worrying about all of the other decisions that a portraitist must usually consider.”

Below are the portraits produced by the students, along with links to the original image and a brief statement as to why they chose the image they did, and what they learnt from the experience.

Ryan Meta: Portrait of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair, by Annie Leibovitz

1 Ryan Meta ...full story