Canon Develops Touchscreen dSLR


We’re getting used to seeing touchscreen technology in our compact cameras, but it’s yet to cross the divide to dSLRs. But, a new patent lodged by Canonsuggests that the prospect of digital photographers doing away with buttons is not too far off.

According to technology blog, Electronista, Canon has been working on a dSLR that uses both an optical viewfinder and a touchscreen interface, with specially-engineered systems to minimise accidental input while shooting.

Aperture and shutter speed could be controlled with sweeping gestures, while taps could alter other settings like exposure.canontouchdslr-lg2

Whether or not Canon will choose to actually release the touchscreen dSLR is far from ...full story

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Nikon D5000 – Review – 31

Nikon D5000 01

Harley Ogier gets to grips with Nikon’s latest amateur dSLR

The D5000 is Nikon’s latest amateur dSLR, featuring a variable-angle LCD monitor to make the most of Live View. It offers functionality between Nikon’s entry-level D60 and D90 models, without being a direct successor to either.


Some serious amateurs seem to be turned off by the D5000’s plastic construction. My advice: get over it. The D5000’s body feels extremely durable and the plastic cuts down on weight. At 560g without battery or memory card, it’s one of the lighter dSLRs I’ve tested.

Nikon D5000 03The D5000 fits comfortably in the hand and can be shot one-handed if you’re using autofocus and don’t have to adjust any settings. A traditional two-handed grip works equally well; the controls are well placed. All buttons are accessible without taking your hands away from the shutter release and the zoom ring, which makes for fast and easy shooting.


The D5000’s most novel feature is its variable-angle LCD monitor, which can be rotated ...full story

Photographer Sued for ‘Racy’ Pictures

Wedding photography - Capture the Moment - DP 28 08

A New York bride has sued her wedding photographer for causing post-traumatic stress syndrome after he photographed her getting dressed in preparation for the big event.

According to the New York Post, Sara Bostwick is suing photographer Carolyn Monastra and her studio, Christian Oth Inc, for inflicting ‘severe emotional injuries,’ when she took ‘racy’ pictures of the bride getting dressed and posted them on their website.

Oth’s studios has something of a reputation, rated one of the top 10 wedding studios in the world by American Photo magazine and featuring in the film Bride Wars.

Both the studio and the bride declined comment ...full story

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D3s Shoots Fantastic Mr Fox


While D-Photo will use any excuse to go to the movies, Wes Andersons’ adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox is a particularly good one: the entire feature was created using 621,450 separate still frames.

Meticulously-crafted figures were moved frame-by-frame, and then shot on a range of dSLR cameras – primarily the new Nikon D3s. According to PDNPulse, the team working on the film also managed to set up a digital workflow system which allowed the director to view scenes from anywhere in the world, as they happened.

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S2 Available Early 2010


Leica is set to release its enormous new digital medium format offering, the S2 in December this year. According to the British Journal of Photography, between 100 and 200 units will be available on the camera’s initial launch.

The S2 system features its own class of specially-designed lenses, providing a 35mm-size camera capable of producing images 37.5 megapixels in size with its 30 x 45 mm sensor.

Leica’s New Zealand distributor, Lacklands, assured D-Photo that the S2 is on track for a local delivery sometime in the early new year, and would have pricing competitive with other medium format digital cameras.

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Video: Friedlander on Rita Angus and David Ben-Gurion

Marti Friedlander

Because it’s Friday and you’re meant to be watching YouTube at work, D-Photo is capping off its week-long foray into videography with two new shorts on New Zealand photographer, Marti Friedlander

In the first, Marti discusses her stay with Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, with whom she played poker. In the second, she speaks about making the now-iconic images of the New Zealand painter, Rita Angus.

Marti Friedlander on Ben-Gurion

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Samsung Enters Card Market


Diverse technology manufacturer Samsung has thrown its hat in the ring as a memory manufacturer, launching a new line of branded Secure Digital and Compact Flash cards.

According to the British Journal of Photography, Samsung is launching a range of 17MB/s SD cards in 4GB and 8GB capacities along with a 16GB SD Plus model, and 4GB and 8GB CF cards with read speads f up to 45MB/s and write at 35MB/s.memorycard_MB-CP8G_medium_20091126

The company has long been manufacturing ‘white-label’ cards to be branded by other companies, but with Samsung projecting the $US12bn industry will double within two years, it decided to enter the market under its own name.

...full story

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