International photo adventurers visit NZ

Penguins-on-ice-floe,-Antarctica_CR-David-DoubiletTwo world renowned photographers are heading to our shores this year to share their stories of wild adventure and photographic innovation amassed during careers of global exploration.

Part of the internationally touring Nation Geographic Live series, pioneering aquatic photographer David Doubilet and extreme adventure filmmaker Bryan Smith will be making stops in Auckland and Wellington to present inspiring talks.

Doubilet is first up, arriving in August with his show Coral, Fire, & Ice, in which he tells the story of the glittering beauty of the world’s ‘coral triangle’ and the lure of sculptural icebergs and shipwrecks in the icy waters of Antarctica.

He is a pioneer in the field of underwater photography, creating the split-lens camera which allowed him to take above and below the water at the same time, with separate focus points for the top and bottom half of the picture recorded onto the same negative.

Smith follow in October with the show Extreme Adventure on the Edge, in which the adventure filmmaker shares gripping, behind-the-scenes moments from his assignments documenting extreme feats in the world’s most challenging environments.

Auckland shows will be held at ...full story

In the picture: Helen Clegg

Photographers are often loath to get in front of the lens themselves, but Auckland-based emerging artist Helen Clegg doesn’t fit that mould – she’s the centrepiece of all her images. A challenging blend of self-portrait and landscape photography, her style looks at the relationship between the body and its surroundings.

In her latest series, The Bridge Gathers, Clegg has created images of herself confined within a transparent box, transported to various locations. The exhibition is on show from May 29 to June 20 at Newton’s Lot23 gallery as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography. Helen talks to D-Photo‘s Point-Shoot blog about the new works.


D-Photo: Can you briefly tell us a little about yourself and your photography background?

Helen Clegg: Originally from the UK, I made my way to New Zealand about five years ago, via a three-year stint in France. I have a BFA majoring in Photography under my belt and after some time dabbling in different genres of photography, I realised that the only thing that was going to work for me was focusing all ...full story

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In search of value: Cally Whitham

Based in rural North Auckland, fine art photographer Cally Whitham creates richly evocative portraits of subjects deemed mundane by society. She discusses her animal-based Epitaph series and Homage series, focusing on graveside flowers, with D-Photo’s Point-Shoot blog

Cally Whitham Mixed breed ewe

Mixed breed ewe, Epitaph series

D-Photo: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your photography?

Cally Whitham: I have been taking photos of the rural environment since childhood. I got my first camera when I was 11 and the first roll of film was of cows, trees, landscapes houses and birds – so no real surprise that is what I have come back to in recent years. I studied at Carrington Design School (now Unitec) in the 90s and worked in the industry until having children. I now solely create non-commercial work and sell through galleries in New Zealand, Europe and America.

How would you describe the style of images you are currently producing?

Pictorialism – my images are very romantic and idealistic. I photograph a notion or an ideal rather than conveying the subject as it is ...full story

The same but different

Garth Badger new

 Garth Badger, still from Angel music video for Jamie McDell

Luke White chats with two top New Zealand photographers about how they took the plunge into DSLR film making

“It would be like owning a car, which was also a boat, and never once taking her down to the wharf,” says Garth Badger. Clearly, when he got hold of a shiny new Canon 5D Mark II a little over four years ago, there was no way he was not going to try out its full HD movie-recording capabilities.

It came at just the right time for Garth. Five years into his commercial photography career he was very comfortable shooting stills, and all the technical and creative components required for a successful shoot had become second nature. With his camera set to video he was ready for a challenge.

“I knew that whatever I shot to begin with would be a bit embarrassing,” he admits. But beginning is the most important part of learning a new skill, and having a project to work on is a great way of learning. So Garth asked ...full story

The adrenalin photographer


Jesper Storgaard Jensen speaks to renowned Italian stuntman photographer Massimo Sestini who specializes in spectacular, often risky, aerial photographs

“I’m often told it’s impossible to take a certain photo, or forbidden to go into a certain area to take photos. At that moment, when I hear the words ‘not possible’, something clicks inside me. It’s like waving a red cape in front of a bull. This prohibition becomes a challenge and I have to prove that it is actually possible to take the photos.”

Massimo Sestini, renowned as the so-called ‘stuntman photographer’ from Florence, is sitting relaxed in his studio. That peacefulness contrasts starkly with what he was doing the day before our interview. A storm had ravaged the Ligurian coastline, causing massive destruction. The 49-year-old had sent himself on a daring mission: to photograph a natural disaster while it was happening.  (more…)

Meet the Image Nation speakers, part one

One of the must-attend events of New Zealand photography is coming up next month, and this year’s programme looks as dazzling as ever.

Image Nation is a two-day conference of back-to-back presentations by some of the biggest names in commercial photography, both local and international. This year it is taking place on Friday, June 13 and Saturday June 14 at central Auckland’s Q Theatre. The organiser, the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association, has done a wonderful job in keeping the price of admission down to make the event accessible: check out the tickets here.

To make sure you’re all clued up for this weekend of information overload, D-Photo introduces you to the prestigious speakers taking to the stage at this year’s Image Nation conference:

Simon Harsent

Harsent-Nude Harsent-Hugo-Race-1 Harsent-Into-the-Abyss2 Harsent-Melt-1

Originally from England, photographer Simon Harsent emigrated to Australia and has spent over two decades developing his career to become ...full story