Enlist in photography boot camp

IMG_2828A new boot camp to hone specialised skills in particular realms of photography has been developed for passionate photographers.

Following the success of educator Bring Your Own Laptop’s initial Intro Photography course, a series of workshops has now been developed under the Bring Your Own Camera umbrella.

With four one-day courses available, including Intro Photography, Night Photography, Street/Travel Photography, and Landscape Photography. These can be taken individually as one-day courses or you can be a part of all of them to create a full four-day photography course.

The Photography Boot Camp comes about due to the increasing demand of amateur photographers wanting to undertake courses to enhance their skills.

The training company is Auckland- and Wellington-based, and director Daniel Walter Scott initially underestimated the passion New Zealand amateur photographers had for their art.

“I’ve been impressed by the community that has developed amongst our photography delegates. Our photographers want nothing more than to be on their journey together with their fellow learners — they want community as much as they want new skills.”

To encourage this community feel that he acknowledges photgraphers desire, a social media ...full story

Photographer chases crowd-funding record

Peace in 10000 handsA Queenstown photographer is tilting a record-setting goal through one of New Zealand’s crowd-funding websites to continue a global photographic project.

For the last few years Stu Robertson has been roaming the globe for the beginnings of his Peace in 10,000 Hands project, and he hopes to enter the next stage with an ambitious $55,000 funding target through the New Zealand Arts Foundation crowd-funding platform Boosted.

For the project Robertson plans to create images of 10,000 people holding a single white rose in their hands as a way to “reinvigorating the conversation for peace” – there would be at least one image from every country in the world, featuring people from all walks of life.

“As an artist I am exploring our similarities through art and drawing on the phenomenal power of modern social networks and instant borderless communication that dissolves prejudice and makes mankind more connected than at any other time in history,” Robertson explains

The Boosted has just over a week left to go and has raised around 60 per-cent of its goal – if you’d like to ...full story

The only constant: Lea Schlatter

There seems to be little disagreement that the photographic landscape is in a period of fluctuation; less unanimous are the decisions around what the changes all mean and the right way forward. It is this uncertain, evolving environment that four young contemporary photographers are taking a hard look at in their latest group exhibition, We Are Changing.

Lea Schlatter, Ryan Meta, Kate Syme, and Delena Nathuran have come to their unique photographic practices by different paths, but they are all united by strong creative vision and a curious, critical approach to their art. Lea Schlatter talks to D-Photo‘s Point-Shoot blog about arranging the inquisitive exhibition for this year’s Auckland Festival of Photography.


D-Photo: Can you briefly tell us what We Are Changing is all about?

Lea Schlatter: The show is about four young photographers coming together to show an overlap in their processes and photographic styles, and in doing so creating some conversation about photography and the ubiquitous field that photographers navigate today.

How did the idea for the exhibition originate?

I was inspired to make the show ...full story

Writers by night: Brendan Kitto  

In his new exhibition at the Auckland Festival of Photography, Brendan Kitto combines his passion for photography and graffiti art. Night Visions gives viewers a look at the nocturnal world of graffiti artists as they go about their sometimes unappreciated craft.

Brendan talks to D-Photo‘s Point-Shoot blog about putting the series together and some of the escapades it led him on.


D-Photo:  Can you give us a brief outline of what the Night Vision exhibition is all about?

Brendon Kitto: It’s about what graffiti writers get up to while the rest of us are sleeping.

Are you a graffiti artist yourself?

Yes I am, I have been involved in the scene for the past 14 years. I am part of the TMD (The Most Dedicated) graffiti crew.

What is it about graffiti writing that makes for a good photographic subject?

It tends to be hidden from the public eye and the works that result are often very temporary, so if it’s not captured , it’s gone for ever. (more…)

An expanding source: Mareea Vegas

Last year a collection of local contemporary photographers put together a unique group exhibition by the name of Source (which you can read about here). The show was so successful they have returned in this year’s Auckland Festival of Photography with a sequel, Sourced.

Mareea Vegas, one of the exhibiting photographers, tells D-Photo‘s Point-Shoot blog how the collaboration has grown in a year, and what we can expect from the follow-up.


Homage 2
Mareea Vegas


D-Photo: Can you give us a brief outline of what Sourced is all about?

Mareea Vegas: Sourced is the continuation of last year’s show, Source, and is again part of the Festival of Photography. For us it’s a great chance to create a beautiful space with friends and inspirations, and experience all the twists and turns that go with that process. With more of an open theme this year some of us are continuing on with concepts from the last show while some have gone in a really different direction for this show. (more…)

Ringside: Emma Hughes

A luminary of the vibrant Waiheke Island photographic scene, Emma Hughes has established a career as one of the country’s leading wedding photographers. For this year’s Auckland Festival of Photography, however, she is taking a step away from marital bliss and into the ring of competitive fighting.

For the new exhibition, Fight, she turns her lens onto the fledgling warriors about to embark on their very first public bouts. She talks to D-Photo‘s Point-Shoot blog about the endeavour.

 fight1_emma hughes

D-Photo: Can give us a brief description of your Fight exhibition?

Emma Hughes: Fight is a collection of studio portraits of eleven fighters who are about to step into the ring for their first public bout. It also has an audio component to it with short interviews from the fighters and a wonderful poem by acclaimed spoken word poet Selina Tusitala Marsh.

Going from weddings to fighting is (one would hope) a change of pace – what attracted you to boxers as a subject?

A bit of a change from wedding photography, yes I agree!  Studio portraiture has always been a passion of ...full story

Learn to love Lightroom



Adobe’s Lightroom is a deceptively complex tool and getting to grips can be a frustrating exercise in information bombardment, but a new series of workshops has been developed to ensure photographers can now learn the exact set of skills they need for a chosen creative path, in an easy to digest format.

The reformatted and relaunched post-processing series  comes from photography educator Paul Petch & Co. The teaching is overseen by commercial photographer (and regular D-Photo contributor) Paul Petch, who has more than a decade’s worth of experience to share, working with such companies and clients as Tourism New Zealand, Emirates, and John Key.

Instead of a full day of cramming as much Lightroom knowledge into your head as possible (like most workshops), with not a lot sticking, this series of three-hour monthly sessions has been developed to ensure you learn the most useful aspects of the program as efficiently as possible. You can learn what you want.

The beginner’s “Taking control of your images” workshop will teach you about setting up folders, basic post processing, and backing up images is set at $149, and once you’ve ...full story