Fujifilm sets sights on “selfie generation”

Voda1Hoping to encourage teens and early 20-smomethings to take their love of mobile photography a step further and make prints directly from their phones is Fujifilm’s latest strategy to catch the attention of the “Selfie Generation”.

Pratnering with Vodafone, Fujifilm has installed two of the country’s most advanced phone kiosks in the telecommunication company’s Queen Street Concept Store in Auckland.

The print-from-mobile platforms allows customers to print their snaps directly from a mobile phone using the TansPix mobile app, wirelessly sending the image for printing in a range of classic and modern formats at the Fujifilm smart lab.

Peter Bonisch, Fujifilm New Zealand’s marketing manager, says smartphones overtaking cameras as the device most commonly used to take and store images is a game-changing development, seeing printing from mobile as a key proposition in the industry’s future.

“Fujifilm has about 80 per cent of New Zealand’s consumer photographic printing market, which is worth $80 to $100 million annually,” says Bonisch. “By targeting smartphone users we’re opening up an entirely new market. There is an enormous business opportunity in all those phone images – if we increase the ...full story

Nat Geo daredevil visits NZ

The man behind some of National Geographic‘s most jaw-dropping imagery is dropping in to New Zealand next week.

Bryan Smith, award-winning film-maker at National Geographic Channel, has travelled to some of the most remote and dangerous locations on earth to shoot the amazing footage for the publications popular films, and in early October he comes to Auckland and Wellington to discuss his exciting work.

Smith will present his National Geographic Live talk, Extreme Adventure on the Edge: Vertical Feats and the Man Who Can Fly, at Auckland’s Aotea Centre on October 1 and Wellington’s Te Papa Museum on October 2.

The event will see the adventurer and passionate conservationist recounting stories from his career as a film-maker renowned for taking his camera to dizzying heights and  pioneering innovative techniques to illustrate some the globe’s most extreme environments. Smith says going to such lengths takes a toll, but it’s a price he’s willing to pay.

“No expedition, adventure, or film comes about without a little bit of suffering. But the suffering coefficient is my key to success.”

Head along to the National Geographic ...full story

Modifier magic

Luke White of Kingszie Studios looks at picking the right light modifier for the job

In many of my previous articles in these pages I have looked at getting great results with simple and affordable equipment, such as polyboards, umbrellas and diffusion frames. In this article we’ll take a look at some more specialized light modifiers you may not use for every shoot, but which are absolutely perfect for some applications.

Everyone’s definition of ‘affordable’ is different, and when investing in photographic equipment you should consider frequency of use and return on investment. With the five modifiers covered here ranging from around $1000 to well over $5000 in price, it is nice to know that they can be hired from $45 per day from hire studios.

Things to note when comparing photographs made with different light modifiers are the shape, fall-off, hardness/softness, clarity, skin tones, catchlights, shadows and colour temperature.

Mola Mantti (more…)

Iris stars: Amber Griffin


Amber Griffin began her creative career as a graphic designer, working predominantly in the advertising industry, but found being shackled to a desk not to her liking. In 2012 she struck out on her own as a professional photographer, doing commercial advertising work and studio portraiture, carving out a niche in dance portrait photography. It’s a move that paid dividends at this year’s Iris Awards, where she collected a handful of top awards, including a Gold in the Commercial category for the above image. Amber discusses what went into her award-winning image with D-Photo:

D-Photo: Who was this image created for?

Amber Griffin: This image was created to promote the end of year dance show for the 2013 graduating class of Whitreia Performing Arts Centre in Wellington. The show was called ‘Galapagos’ and each performance item revolved around an oceanic theme. My client wanted to showcase the talent of each individual performer in a way that unified them as a class while alluding to the overall theme, which is where the concept of the ‘wave’ came from. The brief was more of a collaborative process ...full story

The quest for peace: Stu Robertson

Ricky Gervais, - Peace in 10000 Hands
Virginia Woolf once said, “You cannot find peace by avoiding life”. It’s advice New Zealand photographer Stu Robertson has taken to heart; the ambitious artist is pursuing peace by travelling to every country on the planet to create portraits of 10,000 people, each holding a single white rose – an ancient symbol of peace.

The project is called Peace in 10,000 Hands, it has already broken local crowd-funding records, and this weekend it’s coming to the Auckland Museum in the form of a new film. To commemorate the International Day of Peace, the museum will be projecting Stu’s new film, Illuminate: Peace Day, on its northern facade from Friday, September 19 to Sunday, September 21, screening in 15-minute loops from 6-10pm.

Stu kindly set aside some time in his busy schedule to talk to D-Photo about the film, the greater project it comes from, and the many marvellous encounters he has had putting it all together:

Fleur de lys, - Peace in 10000 Hands ...full story

The cost of loving: Robin Hammond

portfolioitem_9570Robin Hammond, Getty Images Grant Recipient 2014

New Zealand photojournalist Robin Hammond has been reaping much global attention for his daring projects shedding light on human rights abuses in some of the world’s most conflicted regions. He has been the recipient of the W Eugene Smith Fund for Humanistic Photography, the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award, World Press Photo prize-winner, and now adds a 2014 Getty Images Creative Grant to his impressive resumé.

The Getty Creative grants are issued to support non-profit organisations with limited funding to contract a photographer and communications professional to help spread its message. Hammond receives this year’s grant to go towards his new project, Love in a Time of Persecution, which will illuminate the plight of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities in Africa who are routinely threatened with the death penalty, prison and ‘corrective rape’ if not already forced into hiding.

Hammond will work with The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and the Bring Me Joy communications agency to raise awareness of these injustices through a social media campaign based around Hammond’s imagery and stories ...full story

Need for speed

Need for speed-2

Travel photographer Andy Belcher examines the tools necessary for crafting one of his first successful motorcycle images

In 1979 I met a young lady who jumped out of perfectly good aeroplanes and rode her own motorcycle. We got married and enjoyed many adventures together. At the time I had never ridden a motorcycle, but always had a secret desire to try. We bought a little 185cc trail bike and rode it two-up, wearing silly-looking nylon suits. We progressed to a 500cc V-twin, which we rode half way around Australia. Since then I have ridden over 200,000 kilometers on two wheels, including six trips around Aotearoa. I now own one of the best touring machines, a Honda ST1300 V-four.  (more…)