Talking to Charlotte Curd, the 2015 Junior Photographer of the Year

Charlotte Curd/Taranaki Daily News We recently caught up with Charlotte Curd, the winner of the 2015 Canon Media Awards’ Junior Photographer of the Year. We wanted […]

Meeting the photographer behind Hong Kong Ink: Tattoo Culture and Identity

Helen Mitchell is Massey University’s Major Coordinator of Photography and Team Leader and she has recently created her exhibition, Hong Kong Ink: Tattoo Culture and […]

Shooting sheep from the sky: Grant Sheehan’s drone photography

  Grant Sheehan A flock of New Zealand sheep have been getting a lot of attention from across the world thanks to photographer Grant Sheehan’s […]

Lay of the Land: Anita Totha

  Derek Henderson: Looking towards One Tree Hill and Big King from Mt Albert, 2015 The Auckland Festival of Photography is well under way with […]

Remembering Anzac: Laurence Aberhart

Laurence Aberhart, Dunrobin — Edievale, Otago, June 25, 2012, 2012, platinum (courtesy of the artist) For longer than 30 years, Laurence Aberhart has been providing an […]

Release the Hounds: Stephanie O’Connor

ClareAdvertising and beauty photographs promoting an unnatural, narrow standard of beauty have been the target of a growing backlash from a culture inundated with perfectly […]

World premiere of NZ photographer and film-maker’s feature film

Speechless: The Polar Realm is a feature film created by New Zealand nature photographer and film-maker Richard Sidey, which was shot over a decade and […]

Beatnik style: Mara Sommer

In the latest issue of The Photographer’s Mail we talked to Mara Sommer, the photographer who shoots for D&M Hair, about the latest Beatnik campaign for the […]

Witness for women: Vlad Sokhin

Warning: this article covers violent subject matter that may be troubling viewing for some readers For three years photojournalist Vlad Sokhin has been exploring the dire […]

Fighting fit: Leon Rose

Ten years ago Auckland-based professional photographer Leon Rose entered into a unique agreement in his quest to get fit; he would offer his photography services […]

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