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ImageTank – 009

Most photographers flit from one event to the next; snapping here, shooting there, in an ever-increasing chaotic circle. If this is you, then get your […]

Save for Web – 008

Mark Webster continues his discussion on image resizing. This time he looks at one of Elements’ best features: Save for Web Last time we explored […]

Night Photography – tips and tricks – 07

Wayne Lorimer introduces you to the exciting world of night photography and proves that there really is life after dark Photography at night seems, at […]

Shooting On A Shoestring – 025

Wayne Lorimer explains how to take professional-looking portraits of family and friends at home without expensive lights Most of us have portrait photos of family […]

Reality Check – Photoshop basic tips – 006

Fig 2 The best results in this example were achieved with pushing brightness and contrast. Mark Webster gets to work with Photoshop Elements to create […]

Face To Face – 006

Wayne Lorimer shows there’s a lot more to portrait photography than meets the eye Everyone hates having their picture taken. I have even worked with […]

Are You Being Served? – 005

Robert van de Voort finds multi-tasking is a cinch with Epson’s latest offering The Epson RX630 is an efficient photo printer with a few added […]

D-File Format – JPEG – 005

John Slater unravels the mystery of Jpegs and tells you when they should or shouldn’t be used Most users of consumer digital cameras capture images […]

Noise Control – 005

Sharpen up your ˜grainy’ digital images with Wayne Lorimer’s favourite software If you are in the market for a 6 to 8-megapixel digicam and have […]

A Small Facelift – 005

After minor surgery, the iPod has been adapted into a storage device for images — the iPod photo. Our reviewer Zane Russell puts it to […]