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D-File Format – JPEG – 005

John Slater unravels the mystery of Jpegs and tells you when they should or shouldn’t be used Most users of consumer digital cameras capture images […]

Noise Control – 005

Sharpen up your ˜grainy’ digital images with Wayne Lorimer’s favourite software If you are in the market for a 6 to 8-megapixel digicam and have […]

A Small Facelift – 005

After minor surgery, the iPod has been adapted into a storage device for images — the iPod photo. Our reviewer Zane Russell puts it to […]

Adam Custins: Lighting Packs – TPM 174

Last month we looked at the basics of flash gear selection, establishing that there are three basic categories: ¢ Mono-lights or mono-blocs: self contained lamp […]

Richard Poole: a small business plan – TPM 174

As a keen amateur photographer the cold hard fact is if you make the decision to follow a professional career, the images you make that […]

Campaign: Brian Eastwood – Back of the Red Shed – TPM 174

Brian has a unique working relationship with his number one client¦f he was a wedding photographer it would be a bit like living with the […]

Malcolm Somerville talked to David Hamilton and checked out his kit – TPM 174

In Ntvember last year I attended a Wellington NZIPP meeting held at David’s studio in Newtown. He generously demonstrated his full hire facility and kit […]

Harold Mason: Flax Studios, Johannes van Kan and Jo Grams – TPM 174

Visiting Flax Studios in the heart of Lyttelton is something of a history tour as well as a kaleidoscope of great modern photographic images and […]

Living with my AF Nikkor 85mm 1:1.8 D lens – TPM 174

Auckland based professional photographer Gary (Buzz) Baildon talks about life with his AF Nikkor 85mm 1:1.8 D lens This lens is like an old friend. […]

Richard Poole: Photography needs a left-handed person – TPM 173

During the sixties I enjoyed a television programme called the ˜Little Big Business’. It was a series about a practical engineer who’d made good and […]