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The big empty

Adrian Hatwell talks with photographer and film-maker Anthony Powell, one of the few people to ever experience Antarctica’s sublime winter months Though the pockets of […]

Working with Smart Objects

Digital imaging expert Hans Weichselbaum examines the clever ways you can use Photoshop’s Smart Objects in your workflow There are lots of smart things in Photoshop, but Smart Objects was first introduced in Photoshop CS2 and nothing much has changed in […]

Video — the easy money?

Luke White of Kingsize Studios looks at a few of the many ways photographers can quickly and effectively grow their income by shooting video Photography […]

New in town

  The continuing saga of commercial photographer Brett Stanley’s move from Wellington to LA Starting up afresh in a new country was never going to be easy. I knew that from the outset, but I was prepared […]

Encounter with the world’s largest fish

Intrepid photographer Andy Belcher gets up close and personal with a whale shark Three years ago I made my first trip to Vava’u in northern […]

The indispensability of umbrellas

Luke White looks at one of the studio’s most essential bits of kit In  issue no. 53 of D-Photo I wrote enthusiastically about the poly […]

Festival Photography

Jackie Ranken looks at combining travel photography and cultural festivals to make a great photo essay  When travel photography coincides with a festival or cultural […]

Colour adjustments

Hans Weichselbaum walks us through correcting an image with problematic colours Getting colours right is one of the main challenges in digital imaging. Concerning hardware […]

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