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Fashion photographer Russ Flatt weaves multifarious narratives with his latest ambitious personal project The career path from the incubator of art school out into the […]

Beyond boundaries

Windy Tree Adrian Hatwell and New Zealand Photographer of the Year for 2013, Kaye Davis, look at photography’s past to chart the future Innovation provokes […]

North Shore Photographic Society

Breen Porter FPSNZ ARPS LBIPP EFIAP North Shore Photographic Society celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, so we checked in with John Parry, current club […]

Getting your photo finish

1: Canon 5D Mark III, 16mm, 1/2000s, f/7.1, ISO 500 One of New Zealand’s top professional photographer, Jackie Ranken, looks at a few basic sports […]

Modifier magic

Luke White of Kingszie Studios looks at picking the right light modifier for the job In many of my previous articles in these pages I […]

Need for speed

Travel photographer Andy Belcher examines the tools necessary for crafting one of his first successful motorcycle images In 1979 I met a young lady who […]

Layer blending modes

Digital editing expert Hans Weichselbaum brings us the first half of an in-depth look at blending modes Everybody working in Photoshop will be familiar with […]

Shooting jungle wildlife

Kelly Lynch offers insight into the gear, guidance and gumption needed for photographing wildlife living in the jungle Deep in the jungle, Chocó stops suddenly […]

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