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Modifier magic

Luke White of Kingszie Studios looks at picking the right light modifier for the job In many of my previous articles in these pages I […]

Need for speed

Travel photographer Andy Belcher examines the tools necessary for crafting one of his first successful motorcycle images In 1979 I met a young lady who […]

Layer blending modes

Digital editing expert Hans Weichselbaum brings us the first half of an in-depth look at blending modes Everybody working in Photoshop will be familiar with […]

Shooting jungle wildlife

Kelly Lynch offers insight into the gear, guidance and gumption needed for photographing wildlife living in the jungle Deep in the jungle, Chocó stops suddenly […]


Luke White looks at ways to bridge the skills gap between shooting stills and video

India by lens

From packing to departure, Travcom Travel Photographer of the Year 2014, Josh Donnelly, leads us on a photo tour of India Ask a lot of people […]

People, place

Auckland commercial photographer Paul Petch explores a helpful mindset for street photography I’ve always been intrigued by street photography, and since moving to Auckland City […]

Adventure bound

Peter Bush talks to cameraman Murray Milne about bringing historical voyages to life If I sound a shade biased and maybe over the top with […]

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