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Cruising into photography

Paul Gummer talks to commercial photographer Dan Molloy about the fallacy of photography being easy work There’s a perception outside our industry that photography is easy. […]

Young blood

Oliver Rose Kelly Lynch talks with three young photographers who made waves last year within the challenging fashion and commercial environment Coming up roses Personable young photographer […]

Mob mentality

Adrian Hatwell explores the local options for crowdfunding photographic projects, and the clever creatives putting them to work In the last five years the idea of […]

Top of the Lake

Auckland-based photographer Parisa Taghizadeh tells The Photographer’s Mail about shooting stills on the set of Jane Campion’s recent television miniseries, Top of the Lake The Photographer’s Mail: […]

Super colliding

Illustrator: Gina Kiel, model: Bay Berger at Nova Fashion photographer Garth Badger takes on a global collaboration in his latest personal project While an element […]

Getting started with Photoshop

Few would question the power of Photoshop as a digital imaging tool, but it can be an intimidating resource for newcomers­ — Philip Bailey walks […]

More than camera skills

Veteran nature photographer Graeme Guy has left the pastures of New Zealand and settled in Malaysia, but he tells PJ Heller the secret to great […]

Home away from home

A snow groomer putting the finishing touches on the mountain. Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia. Nikon D4, Nikkor 24mm f/1.4; ISO 800, f/2 at 1/200s Globetrotting […]

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