Q&A: why aspiring Kiwi film-makers should head to SAE Institute

SAE pic_Film Shoot Studio

Recently, D-Photo spoke with SAE Institute’s campus manager Suzette Major about the organization and its opportunities for film-makers

D-Photo: First of all, can you tell us a bit about SAE and its history?
Suzette Major: The SAE story starts in Sydney, where the first campus was opened in 1976. The Auckland SAE campus opened its doors in 1989, and the first incarnation of our Diploma in Audio Engineering was run in 1990. Since then, SAE has become a global force and is now regarded as the leading educator in creative-media industries. Globally, SAE has 53 campuses across 27 countries including Australia, Asia, the USA, and throughout Europe. New Zealand’s campus is based in Parnell, Auckland. (more…)

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Learning more about The Amazing Travelling Photobooth

Weddings, school balls, 21st birthdays, you name it — the concept of having a photo booth at your special event is a popular one. And The Amazing Travelling Photobooth is one that is pretty unique and special.

The booths themselves are handcrafted from upcycled oak furniture, as well as making use of upcycled brass and stainless steel. The booth is easily adjustable to not only take single or couple shots, you can expand the booth’s curtain right out to fit a large gathering of people into one shot.

In our travels of checking out what everyone’s doing, using, and photographing, we happened upon this video of ‘what’s so amazing about our booths?’ created by the team at The Amazing Travelling Photobooths. Take a minute and a half out of your day to learn a bit more about the booths and how they are set up:

To find out more about The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, visit theamazingtravellingphotobooth.co.nz.

Mama Africa: the rich natural photographic bounty that is Africa

elephants fighting in the river, Khwai, Botswana, Africa

Chris McLennan

Leading international travel photographer Chris McLennan explains why the rich natural bounty of Africa makes the continent one of his photographic happy places

On the back of a busy year I found myself once again travelling to Africa, to lead a photographic group on mobile tented safari in Botswana, Southern Africa’s most prestigious wildlife destination. Although I wasn’t looking forward to another long plane ride, once you’ve been bitten by the safari bug it’s hard to stay away. As Ernest Hemingway famously said, “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.” Cheesy though it sounds, alongside Alaska, the wilds of Africa are definitely one of my happy places. (more…)

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Generation why: exploring fresh artistic practices with Fraser Chatham

4 Fraser -ruby forest final


Fraser Chatham

Mareea Vegas talks to emerging photographer Fraser Chatham in the first of a new ongoing column examining fresh artistic practices in photography

At 21 years old, Fraser Chatham is part of a new breed of hybrid photographers created by today’s economic realities — crossing easily between the worlds of art and advertising, yet not pigeonholed into either. His works are graphically stunning and technically precise, equally at home in a gallery or on the trophy wall at Saatchi & Saatchi. A third-year Elam student, he says he doesn’t feel any pressure to define himself as either a commercial photographer or an artist, and describes his work as just that, his work. Over coffee at Auckland’s Kingsize Studios he shares his views on the devaluation of photography in modern media, a phenomenon he’s actually mining for inspiration at the outset of his career. (more…)

Summer loving: we talk to summer shooters about how to get the best shots


Craig Levers

Few aspects of New Zealand life have a more deserving reputation than our summertime.

Whether you like to hit the water, head to the bush, indulge in a road trip or take in any of the many other great seasonal attractions the land offers, photo opportunities abound. But just because the weather is good and it’s looking gorgeous outside doesn’t mean beautiful images require any less skill to capture. D-Photo talks with a handful of summer’s best specialist shooters to get their take on creating worthwhile summer imagery. (more…)

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