Olympus announces new outdoor and underwater camera


It’s a field that’s both enticing but worrying if you don’t have the right equipment. Underwater photography allows you to capture the stunning life that exists in the ocean, or you may even endeavour to stage a shoot underwater featuring people.

It can be a bit daunting submerging your precious equipment, but with Olympus’s new Stylus Tough TG-4, they assure us that this is a concern of the past. The Stylus Tough TG-4 is waterproof (to 15m), dust-proof, shockproof (2.1m), crush-proof (100kgf), as well as freeze-proof (-10°  Celsius). (more…)

Beatnik style: Mara Sommer

In the latest issue of The Photographer’s Mail we talked to Mara Sommer, the photographer who shoots for D&M Hair, about the latest Beatnik campaign for the salon. The shots were entered into the Australasian hairdressing competition Hair Expo, where D&M Hair became a finalist in the Australasian Salon Team of the Year category. Find out more about Sommer in our quick-fire interview below:

Mara Sommer

Mara Sommer

D-Photo: What’s your favourite part about working with D&M Hair? 
Mara Sommer: I love the creative process with Danny Pato [Art and Hair Director] and the rest of the crew. We have lots of meeting before the shoot, and on the actual shoot day everyone knows exactly what to do and has a clear idea. I think that makes it so much easier — the images are in my mind already and I can totally concentrate on my shooting and bringing those ideas to life.


Passing marks for our photo schools?


Institutes around the country are churning out photography graduates, but are they being taught the right skills to survive an industry that may not have a place for them, asks PJ Heller

Become a professional photographer” shouts the headline from a newspaper ad for a local polytechnic. Ah, the life of a professional photographer — trotting around the world, shooting the rich and famous in fabulous locations, or documenting dramatic global events, all the while earning lots of money. At least that’s the way it is often portrayed in the media, but the reality is far from it, explains Aaron Key, executive director of the AIPA.

“Thousands of kids are going to see that and go, ‘Oh, wow, I’ll do that’, not understanding that for every one of those successful photographers, there are probably a thousand others who are barely managing to scrape together a living, even though they might be just as talented or have as much photographic ability.”

Yet nearly two dozen schools around the country continue to churn out graduates with degrees or diplomas in photography, laments Key. Only a ...full story

Getty Images grant programme open for submissions

3007Jordi Busqué / Getty Images Grant Recipient 2014

Photojournalists with a project in mind — here’s your chance to get that necessary funding behind you.

The annual Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography programme is back for its 2015 round with the goal of helping to cultivate and manage your world-class photography project. by providing the resources necessary to capture and tell social, political, and cultural stories. (more…)

Discounted rate for Paul Petch’s one-on-one tuition


If you’re after some one-on-one tuition from an Auckland-based commercial photographer with more than a decade of experience, then Paul Petch of Paul Petch & Co is the tutor to approach.

His tuition is tailored to your specific needs, from beginners to advanced photographers, and he’ll make the time to meet and chat about what you’re wanting to learn from his tuition prior to booking your session. From what you outline to Paul as your requirements, he’ll make sure that everything is to a level and pace that is specific to what you need.  (more…)

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